2017 Hiring Trends Report

3rd Annual Hiring Trends Report

This year’s survey was designed to gain a better understanding on what IT Professionals are thinking about their past, current, and future positions with two primary purposes:

  1. A competitive overview regarding compensation: Are businesses still increasing their budgets to secure the best talent?
  2. What changes and/or enhancements should an organization consider to attract quality talent to fill current and future IT vacancies?

A glimpse of what’s in the report — what’s motivating a job change in 2016 vs 2017.

This paper will provide you a summary of key learnings extracted from our most recent 2017 hiring report, including:

  • Current Compensation and Benefit Trends
  • IT Hiring Forecasts
  • IT Compensation:National Index vs. Greater Chicagoland
  • Top 3 Candidate Priorities in Accepting a New Position
  • The Most Difficult Skill Sets to Hire

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