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Karon Kooperman

Karen began her career in technology in the early 90s planning user conferences around the globe for the International DB2 Users Group after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She quickly became a certified meeting planner that worked with DB2’s user community for years. Her extensive experience and unique knowledge morphed into staffing in the DB2 domain placing both DBAs and DB2 developers. Her role then expanded to staffing an extensive array of technology positions. She along with her husband, Adam, who has an impressive 25 years of experience in the IT staffing industry, joined forces to create CultureFit. CultureFit is Karen and Adam’s answer to finding truly qualified technology talent.

Adam Kooperman

Adam started his rise in staffing while in college. A Computer Science graduate of Chicago’s own DePaul University, Adam had a keen interest in technology before it took off. Adam graduated college and decided that instead of being a developer, he had the ability to recruit developers. Nearly three decades later, Adam has started and run two technology staffing organizations in Chicago. CultureFit is Adam’s brainchild, understanding that companies need to hire not only for technical skill, but for culture fit and add.

Eric Edelsberg

The gift of gab has been Eric’s true key to success as VP to his employee and a partner to his clients. With his no-nonsense and communication-oriented approach, Eric has led CultureFit to continued and growing recognition as a top recruiting firm. Not believing in freetime, Eric has expanded as a thought leader within the staffing industry with multiple speaking engagements on timely topics. Enterprise relationships and scaling with clients are his sweet spot. His clients know if they have a job opening for hard to find talent, Eric will find it and fill the need quickly.

Away from CultureFit, Eric is an avid sports junkie- fun fact, he was a sports broadcasting major in college, which united his two favorite things: sports and talking. When he isn’t doing husband and dad duty, Eric can be found soaking up the sun on the golf course.

Dorie Isaacson

Dorie is CultureFit’s secret weapon. She has over two decades of recruiting experience with her most recent 12 years all in technology (all at CultureFit). Her niche is finding needles in haystacks like DevOps Engineers, hands-on technology leaders, and other hard-to-find tech talent. Dorie goes to great lengths to find and intrigue top talent across the nation to consider new roles.

When she isn’t working, Dorie is wrangling four adult children and spending time with her parents. Ever the traveler, Dorie can usually be found exploring new cultures and cuisines in her downtime.

Alexis Engel

Ultra-organized and hardworking, Alexis leads her team with empathy and creativity. She knows what it takes to find top talent in technology, and she supports her team through mentorship, support, and ensuring a fun working environment.

At home, she is guiding her twin boys as they enter college and the working world. In her scant free time, she is soaking up the sun, spending time with her family, gardening, and daydreaming about opening up a CultureFit office in Florida.

Sherita Green

Shrewd and entrepreneurial, Shertia excels as a technology recruiter. Her candidates know that they are in good hands when it comes to working with Sherita. Communicative, direct, and always honest, she always finds a way to support and strengthen candidacy to get her talent the best jobs. Not only does she know how to find top talent, she also knows exactly what they need to be successful.

In her free time, Sherita is exploring West Loop’s food and bar scene, listening to disco, and thinking about the next big tennis tournament.

Judi Huels

Employee #1 and the person behind our namesake. Judi is all about her clients! With her detail-oriented nature and deep understanding of the ever-shifting technology landscape, she prides herself on her long-standing partnerships with some of the nation’s leading companies.  

Aside from work, Judi is an avid skier, hiker, and cardplayer. With a large family, she can be found visiting friends and family across the country and scoping out the next best mountain town for a family vacation.

Chris Utes

A subject matter expert on tech recruiting, Chris shepherds his clients with the utmost care. He knows how important it is to fit talent by skill and culture. He works hand in hand with clients ensuring that their recruiting processes are strategic and unique to their organizations’ needs.

Outside of working hours, Chris can be found raising two cats with his girlfriend and listening to true crime podcasts. In his extended free time, Chris makes frequent use of his buddy pass travelling nationally and internationally. He recommends adding Poland to your travel bucket list.

Zach Walsh

Zach has quickly climbed the ranks to be integral to CultureFit’s success. He is adaptive, persistent, and responsive. He strategically consults with clients across an array of industries and locations to find talent that aligns perfectly. 

In his free time, Zach is enjoying newlywed bliss with his wife and their dog, Ollie. When he’s not on calls or making deals, Zach enjoys skiing, weightlifting, playing guitar, and spending time with his family.

Julie Barnhill

Meticulous and straightforward, Julie has a knack for finding talent with rare skills. Affable and savvy, Julie quickly makes candidates feel like more than a list of professional experiences. Her candidates know that she has their best interest at heart and advocate for them during the interview process.

A new mom, Julie has been learning the ropes of being a working professional and a devoted mom. Between her newborn, other half, and her furbaby, Lucy, Julie is spinning plates and planning her next trip to the beach.

Nicki Pollack

A recruiting dynamo, Nicki has made quite the splash at CultureFit in a short time. Savvy with a sunny disposition, she has a knack for finding top talent with exceedingly advanced skill sets. Creative and eager, Nicki guides her candidates through the process of balancing professionalism with empathy.

In her personal life, Nicki is spending time with her family and doting on dogs. A fitness enthusiast with a penchant for photography, Nicki is well-rounded and always ready to travel to far off places.

Maci Yager

Maci is a lively and eager recruiter. She knows the key to recruiting is communication. Adept at listening and aligning, Maci has quickly mastered the art of technology recruiting. Clever and exacting, Maci knows how to navigate nuance and discern technical skill quickly and efficiently to find the best of the best talent for clients.

Born and raised in the Lonestar state, Maci took the plunge to finally move to colder weather and snowy winters in Chicago. A lover of the outdoors, Maci is often doing some sort of heart-pumping activity with her dogs and friends.

Dominique Cruz

Dominique is a passionate recruiter that believes finding the right job can change one’s life for the better. Dominique specializes in finding various sales, marketing, IT security, and SLDC talent across the nation for our clients. Dominique loves the challenge and ever-changing nature of technology recruiting.

When Dominique isn’t working, she can be found with family, outdoors, or at a museum.

Scott Orlinsky

Discerning and quick-witted, Scott has been a fixture at CultureFit for quite some time. He excels in marketing and finding niche talent. He knows what candidates need to take the leap into a new role. Scott works to make sure that candidates are fitting into roles by not only skill but also by their personality.

Outside of work, Scott is usually spending time with his beautiful family and making some of the best margaritas in greater Chicagoland.

Lauren Fasnacht

A recent college graduate from the University of Iowa, Lauren studied Communication Studies and Biology. Passionate about results-driven opportunities and collaborating with candidates to find the right fit for them in their careers, Lauren’s interest in recruiting stems from the allure to innovation, imagination, and originality necessary to be a successful professional in this industry.

When Lauren is out of the office, she can be found spending time with friends and family, watching a cult favorite movie, TV series, snowboarding in the winters, and boating in the summers.

Maggie Flowers

Maggie works as a technology recruiter with CultureFit. She loves puzzling people with their dream jobs. Maggie knows that finding the right talent is essential to growing any organization. She earned her BS in Psychology from UW-Madison, which has informed her recruiting process. She believes that recruiting should look at the whole person: skills, values, goals, and personality. She strives to connect techies with the best opportunities across the nation.

In her spare time, Maggie can be found making a racket on the tennis court or outside playing with her dog.

Natalie Laird

A graduate of Knox College, Natalie pursued degrees in Neuroscience and Creative Writing.  She believes that recruiting is the best way to get people to spend more time focusing on their purpose and passions rather than sifting through endless job listings. Her goal has always been getting people to spend more time on work that makes them happy.  Natalie began recruiting for her sorority in college, and she saw that she had a knack for understanding how to fit people into organizations that share their values.  Natalie’s recruiting practice emphasizes quality, fit, and values alignment.

Outside of recruiting, she can be found in the kitchen or on a run with her dog.  She is, also, an avid antiquer!

Rachel Jacobsen

Rachel is Eric’s right hand. Data, Human Resources, and keeping the office stocked, Rachel is a key player at CultureFit. She ensures that internal processes run smoothly and efficiently. She is also integral to every hire we make doing all of the backend work making sure we get positions filled effectively and efficiently.

Out of the office, Rachel enjoys gardening, cooking, and tending to her family.