5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Before Walking into Your Job Interview

Landing an interview is exciting, and you may feel confident in the days leading up to it, but most people start to feel their nerves kick up in the hours and minutes leading up to the interview itself. It’s natural to feel anxious before an interview, but it is important not to let nervousness get the best of you, as it can impact your performance. Use these strategies to boost confidence before walking into a job interview.

Leave Much Earlier Than You Think You Need To

Nothing leads to stress like sitting in unexpected traffic. Google Maps, Waze and other apps are useful for planning a trip, but they are not perfect. They also do not account for time spent parking, walking to the building, elevators, etc. Allow yourself much more time than you think you need so that you won’t feel rushed and stressed when you arrive. You can use the extra time to go over your research one more time, run through practice questions, or even listen to music that will get you in a relaxed and confident frame of mind.

Visualize Yourself Nailing The Interview

Athletes, CEOs and other successful people engage in positive visualization as part of their success routine. Positive visualization tamps down negative feelings and boosts your confidence. Instead of focusing on all the things that could go wrong, visualize yourself walking into the room with confidence, laying our perfect answers and dazzling your interviewer.

Call Someone Who Makes You Feel Good

Whether it’s your spouse, a friend, your mentor or even your mother, call someone before the interview for a brief pep talk. Hearing someone else say good things about you and reminding you that the job is within your grasp can be an instant confidence booster.


Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to calm nerves. While you wait in the lobby, subtly take deep breaths in and out – or escape to the restroom if time allows. Deep breathing slows heart rate and relaxes your muscles, counteracting feelings of anxiety and boosting confidence.

Be Yourself

The best way to feel confident is to just be yourself. If you try too hard to come off as a hiring manager’s ideal candidate, you won’t appear genuine. Once you’re in the chair, all you can do is lean on your preparation and be who you are. Remind yourself that you are also there to evaluate the company and the job, so if it’s not a true match, you’re actually saving yourself a lot of trouble.

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