What’s Next? The Tech Industry in 2015 – Part 1

Success in the tech sector depends on forecasting what’s coming next and being ready before it gets here. And even if you don’t operate on the cutting edge, you need to know where it’s cutting. Here are a few predictions of changes that will affect IT staffing in the coming year:

Data Centers Will Get Smaller and More Powerful

Rapidly advancing technologies are already allowing data centers to do more with less. This could mean that companies will need fewer technicians, but will have to make a greater investment in professionals that can manage and optimize advanced systems.

Mobile Computing Must be Accommodated

The speed with which mobile computing continues to develop and spread has been far faster than most predicted. That pace is not expected to let up, meaning any company with even a tangential relationship to mobile computing will need to hire the security, UX/UI, and development professionals to operate effectively in this evolving digital space.

Big Data Will Prove Disruptive

After much speculation, big data is finally starting to have a meaningful impact for companies of all sizes, a trend that will continue into 2015 and long into the future. The benefits have already been breathlessly stated elsewhere, but what often gets brushed over are the challenges and hazards. All stakeholders will need to increase the focus of their IT workforce to accommodate the forward march of big data.

Traditional Service Desks Will Change

The traditional IT service desk is quickly disappearing in favor of a unit that can respond faster and more holistically. This will not necessarily mean that current service desk professionals will lose their jobs, but simply that their function will need to evolve.

Strategy and Management Will Be Integral

The cost of IT initiatives across the board is rising at the same time that the competitive landscape is more crowded than ever. That underscores the importance of strategic planning, strict oversight, and effective management. Companies throughout the tech sector will need to rely more heavily than ever on effective and visionary leaders at all levels in order to stay ahead of the curve.

If even a few of these predictions comes to pass, 2015 promises to be a watershed year in the tech sector. Effective staffing is crucial for keeping pace. Without the right mix or IT professionals, no company can hope to seize the opportunities coming down the road while also avoiding the many obstacles. Begin consulting with a strategic staffing partner before the new year arrives. Contact a representative from CultureFit today.