4 Key Steps to Hiring to Fill the Tech Skills Gap

Hiring to fill a tech skills gap is both crucial for the future success of a business, and also incredibly tricky for the recruiter. Without the necessary technical expertise on staff, there is simply no way to meet obligations and seize opportunities. But finding a candidate who has a very narrow area of expertise and is also a great fit is a little like looking for an oyster with a pearl inside of it. Follow these tips to improve the outcome the next time you need to hire to fill a tech skills gap:

Define the Necessary Skills Along a Spectrum

You’re hiring to fill a skills gap, but it’s important you don’t fall into the trap of thinking this one area of expertise is the only one a candidate needs to have to make them qualified. Few tech skills exist in a vacuum, and if the candidate you hire has the one skill you need, but not the additional skills or knowledge to make that person valuable to your organization, you have essentially fixed one problem with another problem. Define the exact proficiencies you’re looking for, and be sure consider candidates that fulfill your big-picture hiring needs.

Don’t Overlook the Soft Skills

It is common to focus too intensely on the details of a candidate’s resume when you are looking to hire a candidate to fill your skill gap. This could be a high risk mistake, because if you neglect to evaluate their personality as well, you could be bringing a caustic presence into your organization. Remember you’re hiring a person and not just a talent. Look for a candidate who works well with co-workers, responds to managers, communicates well, and displays some professional ambition.

Make a Fair Offer

Your recruitment effort is doomed to fail if you’re not prepared to offer a qualified candidate fair compensation. When considering making an offer, be sure your company uses both company and industry benchmarks to determine if the offer is favorable for both your company and the candidate. If you are unsure, reach out to recruitment experts to help you determine the fair market offer for the position and candidate. If you find someone who can do the job, make them an offer that will entice them to sign on.

Be Proactive

Looking for the top IT talent is a job that should never end. Creating a funnel of talent will allow you to stay on top of hiring needs by building a pool of diverse candidates your company may need in the future.

One last strategy to consider is to partner with a specialized staffing agency and ask them to put together a candidate pool of recruits who have the specific skills you require. This expedites the process and helps ensure you’re getting the best overall employee available. If you need someone yesterday, today, or tomorrow, partner with the Chicago IT recruiters at CultureFit.