Why You Should Ask a Candidate How You Can Help Them Grow

Solving the IT hiring puzzle isn’t easy in this competitive market. There are so many factors that motivate talented tech professionals to accept one job offer over another, and there are just as many factors that determine whether a new hire will stay with your organization for the long haul. While every candidate will have unique priorities, it is a smart move to talk a little bit about their plans for their career trajectory.

Why Development Matters

Many IT employees leave good jobs because they simply don’t feel they are growing. Companies that ignore professional development do so at their own peril. Talented people aren’t content to stay stagnant – and in tech fields, no one can afford to stay stagnant. IT professionals must constantly be building and growing their skill set in order to remain relevant.

Strong IT pros know they have to spend at least some of their free time on professional development. However, they want to work for an employer that invests in that development, as well. When you show during the interview their development goals matter, candidates will remember it.

Strong Candidates Will Be Direct

Asking, “How can we help you grow,” serves two purposes. First, it establishes you are interested in the candidate’s development goals. However, it also gives you some important insight into the way the candidate approaches learning and development.

Strong candidates will be able to answer this question directly. They may say they are looking for an employer that offers a clear career path and managers who can also act as mentors. Other candidates might say they are looking for a company that offers tuition assistance or reimbursement for certification programs. Whatever their goals may be, strong candidates will be able to articulate the things they are looking for from you in terms of development. Be wary of candidates who seem like they have not thought much about their long-term growth.

Growth Questions Speak to Candidate Fitness

The way a candidate speaks about development can also help you determine whether your organization can provide the growth support they are looking for. If a candidate prioritizes tuition or certification reimbursement, but these are programs your company does not offer, the applicant may not accept an offer. However, if they are looking for support and development you do offer, it’s a good sign you’re on the right path to a match.

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