6 Steps for Success- First Day on a New Assignment

Your first day on a new assignment can produce a lot of stress and anxiety. But if you make a conscious effort to start things off on the right foot from the minute you first walk through the door, you can avoid some of the initial jitters and begin laying a foundation for your future success with the company. Use these strategies.

Plan Ahead

Before your actual first day of work, make the trip from your home to your office by car, train, bus, or however you plan to commute. Take note of how long it takes you, how congested traffic is, and what kind of resources there are along the way. The goal is to get you familiar with the trip so that when you head into the office on your first day you’re not confused or running late.

Dress Appropriately

You probably had your job interview in the office where you will be working. Try to recall how the majority of the people dressed, and emulate it on your first day of work. If you walk in already looking like a member of the team, you will feel like you fit in and avoid the embarrassment that can come from dressing too causally or too formally.

Ask For Help

Don’t worry about appearing inexperienced or incapable on your first day. If there is something you don’t understand, regardless of how minor or obvious it may seem, ask someone for assistance. It is always better to seek out information than to do something the wrong way.

Take Initiative

Look for opportunities to go above and beyond during your first days in the office. It is important to know your place and to not step on anyone’s toes, but if you demonstrate initiative, you show your superiors that you are already an asset to the company.

Be Humble

This is your first day on the job, and you have a lot left to learn. Going into the office on the first day and acting like you already know everything will only alienate you from your co-workers. It is important to be ambitious, but don’t try to seek out the limelight at every opportunity.

Get Organized

You will be bombarded with information over your first few days on the job. Take steps to keep everything organized as soon as you get to your workspace, and stick to your system. One of the most common mistakes that new hires make is letting important information go overlooked.

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