Should IT Employers focus on Hiring for a Position, or for Potential?

One of your employees left without much warning. You’re scrambling to replace the vacancy as quickly as possible, and after a few screenings, you bring someone in for an interview. He has the right attitude, the perfect mindset which is aligned with your companies cultural perspectives – but he has the wrong credentials. He needs a CCNP for the job, but only has a CCNA, or you’re looking for a Senior Java Developer, and he only possesses two years of experience.

So, what’s the solution? Do you bring him on board?

It depends. There are several factors to be considered. Here are four vital questions to consider prior to making that decision.

  1. What’s the learning curve? There is already a tremendous amount of learning and adaptation needed when a candidate becomes an employee.  Learning the new policies, determining what they know or don’t know from previous roles, any languages they may need to learn or strengthen, and the company culture all create a tremendous amount of knowledge for one to learn in a short time span.. Will new skills flawlessly integrate into this learning process? Or is that too much at once?
  2. What are your immediate needs? How much productivity are you losing? Where are you in your project implementation? Losing a vital employee can bring a project to an immediate halt. However,  most positions aren’t that critical where nothing gets done without them. You need to determine how quickly a replacement is needed.
  3. How large is your shop? The larger the shop, the easier it might be to incorporate someone with less experience, but more potential. This is doubly true if someone has experience, just in a slightly different area. Consider, for example, a candidate with a strong networking background interviewing for a security position.  In a larger shop, her prior skills-sets may prove invaluable in her regular position while she also learns that new skill in a different department.
  4. How strong is the candidate’s potential? Does he want to advance his learning and potential with the company, or is he looking for the next stepping stone to the highest bidder? Is he taking the job for the experience, or did he specifically seek out your company?

There is no concrete answer in this scenario. However, in all of the aforementioned scenarios, there is a common denominator: potential.  Potential is marked by much more than aptitude. Potential within a company is measured by sharing the common goal, managerial style, and corporate dynamics. These are what determine a long-term success, regardless of the level of qualifications.

That’s where we compliment your company and its’ vision. At CultureFit, we maintain a wide network of qualified candidates with very diverse talents and skills. We excel at placing qualified individuals into long-term positions with a central focus on your company’s culture, rather than simply pairing an empty seat with a certification. Where others may look only for experience – we look for the perfect combination of experience and culture. Regardless of what type of IT role you’re looking for, we can help. Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can benefit your business!