Does Your Company Have Seasonal IT Needs?

Seasonal employment is not a phenomenon limited to the retail sector. IT companies, too, have staffing needs that rise and fall depending on the time of year. Online retail, for example, relies on extra IT staff around the holidays to ensure technical issues don’t compromise the customer experience. Another example is accounting firms, which have a busy season in Q1, and rely on additional IT support to prepare for this during Q3 and Q4. Seizing the opportunities and mitigating the challenges of these seasonal fluctuations requires strategic planning and careful staffing. Use these strategies to help you stay ahead of the game:

Know When the Busy Season is Coming

Identifying busy seasons ahead of time is essential. That takes a combination of reflection and prediction. Look back over company data and identify the times when you have been the busiest. Do any patterns present themselves? Now think about how your business model is impacted by seasonal trends. Do your customers have issues that only arise at a certain time of year? Is your target audience only engaged during the summer or winter? Do you have future projects planned that will have seasonal cycles? Answering these questions will allow you to help forecast your need for IT staff. For example, in retail, with the holiday busy season, IT needs to be ahead of the busying curve in order to be prepared to support the peak of the transactional activity.

Explore a New Model for IT Staffing

Contract employment has typically been associated with office administration, but it is increasingly being used to positively effect at more technically oriented businesses. This is great news for companies with seasonal IT needs, because addressing the issue with full- or part-time staff is rarely effective. Contract employees allow you to grow your workforce as needed during busy seasons. You get the help you need, when you need it.

Creating a Funnel of Contractors

With the need to support these busy seasons comes the need to recruit contract talent prepared to join your team for this peak season. Creating a funnel of available contractors to reach out to in times of need or when preparing for busy seasons will allow you to have the talent you need accessible. Partnering with CultureFit will allow your company access to our talent pool of experienced candidates ready to join your team when you need talent.


When you need to hire qualified and committed contract employees to handle your seasonal IT needs, contact the team at Culture Fit. We have a pool of exceptional candidates poised to enter your workforce at a moment’s notice and stay for whatever duration you require. Make sure your office has the exact makeup you need before the rush hits. Speak to an IT recruiting specialist at CultureFit today.