Selecting an IT Staffing Partner

There are dozens of IT staffing agencies in the US. Possibly more. Most, if not all of them, are reputable and have legitimate connections to real candidates.

So which one is right for your business?

There are some basic criteria that any staffing firm should have. First and foremost, they need to have a successful track record. This doesn’t mean pushing candidates into the first job that comes along, it means low turnover rates. Ask them what their long term success rate is and how many people are still in those jobs a year later. Three years later is an even better sign, but changing jobs every three years is becoming increasingly common, so this may be too much to hope for. Nonetheless, the turnover rate in the first year is a key indicator as to what your new employee turnover would be.

Find one with an in-depth screening process. This benefits your business, as you become liable for improperly screened employees. A longer screening process actually benefits you. While it may take a little longer to find the perfect candidate (but then again, it may not) it’s worth the wait for the increased productivity.

Look for reviews from both employers and candidates. Seems obvious enough, but when you read the testimonies, make sure they’re valid. Check how long the testifying person has been with their company, or how long the company has stuck with that candidate. When an IT professional turns over quickly, it disrupts your workflow; hence, do not stick with an agency that supplies those types of IT professionals or uses this business model. Look for repeat customers from a business, not just strong referrals from associates – this is usually a solid sign that their placement methods are superior.

Finally, look for a company that matches the candidate’s culture with your business’s culture. This is the key to all of the above and the difference between filling a position and your team excelling. A proper placement of culture will significantly boost the cohesion of your team. This, in turn, exponentially increases the productivity and total output.

At CultureFit IT Staffing, we separate ourselves from other IT staffing firms by focusing on the soft skills and culture companies are looking for by finding them in our candidates. This is our unique business model, and it makes for highly successful, long-term solutions. By using this model, we address all of the above – and ultimately make your business more successful. So, go ahead – contact us today for a staffing consultation to see how we can help launch your business to new peaks!