Find the Right Work-life Balance for Your Employees!

Some businesses squeeze every minute of productivity out of employees they can. Meanwhile, other employers have evolved using revolutionary methods of leadership like those who allow employees to take naps during the day, and who operate under very flexible hours. While the latter are few and far between, they’re growing, and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the work-life balance paradox.

The paradox, in essence, is that many employers think that a work-life balance comes at the expense of employee productivity, but as we discussed here, this isn’t true. It would be unreasonable for businesses to make napping socially acceptable in the office, but there are many benefits a company that helps employees strike the right work-life balance.

Workers who have a healthy balance are more productive. For example, an employee who has a flexible schedule, and is able to make appointments during work hours, and still complete their work on their own schedule, tends to have an overall higher job satisfaction than someone with a rigid schedule.

Every company has their own unique DNA which includes a unique“culture.”  Finding the right culture that suits your workforce will establish and develop a better overall working environment. This ultimately leads to considerably higher job satisfaction, in turn enabling the best work from employees – which leads to greater longevity with a company.

Business culture permeates every aspect of a new career opportunity, so it’s imperative to find the right candidates to fill your open positions. Everything from job flexibility and long-term growth potential to management style are criteria candidates consider when evaluating a job offer.

At CultureFit, our entire recruiting model is based on the notion that culture and soft skills are what make a candidate right for a position. Striking a careful work-life balance is just as important to us as it is to you, and we want to help you find the right candidate to join your workforce. We work with a large base of businesses with all types of mentalities, and we can work with you to place you with an employer who values the unique soft skills you have. Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help you find the top IT Talent you need.