Top Skills to Look for in Today’s IT Talent

Want to make sure that your next hire can make a meaningful contribution over both the short and long term? Here are the skills you should look for:

Hard Skills

These are the IT skills that are most in-demand right now. Even if they are not relevant to your goals at present, they could become relevant in the near future.

  • Programming/Application Development – Talent capable of delivering customized solutions will always be an asset.
  • Project Management – Ideally, anyone you hire should be capable of moving into a management role.
  • Help Desk/ Technical Support – Technical professionals should be able to aid/support non-technical users.
  • Security/Compliance Governance – Security is a concern for all companies, and expanding regulations are increasingly affecting the use of IT.
  • Web Development – All of today’s technologies have an online component. Your entire IT staff should be comfortable working in this space.
  • Database Administration – The challenges and opportunities of big data are making database administration more important than ever.
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics – This skill is important if you want to keep your IT initiatives and strategic objectives in perfect alignment.
  • Mobile Application Development – Giving portability to technology is not just an opportunity, it’s an imperative.
  • Networking – Creating effective links between systems is a fundamental skill for today’s IT professionals.
  • Big Data – Giving form and function to exponentially expanding stores of data will be a challenge that falls to all IT professionals.

Soft Skills

Just as important as technical skills are positive personality traits. If you want to find the candidates that fit best into your company culture, here’s what to look for.

  • Commitment to Collaboration – Most IT professionals work in teams and use their individual contributions to build something larger.
  • Ability to Communicate – Written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to listen closely, are both essential for success in IT.
  • Willingness to Adapt – IT changes quickly. Hopefully your workforce is willing and able to change just as quickly.
  • Sense of Motivation – Staying on the cutting edge and making the most out of innovations requires professionals that are committed to evolving their skill set.


So where do you find talent that has all of these hard and soft skills? You contact CultureFit.