CultureFit Recognized Among the Top 20 Best Employment Agencies in Chicago

CultureFit Has Achieved the Top Three Percentile of the Best Employment Agencies in Chicago

We’re pleased to share that CultureFit Technology Staffing has been recognized by Expertise — a company and website that evaluates professional services providers and identifies the best to share with consumers — as one of the top 20 best employment agencies in Chicago. Expertise evaluated 678 employment agencies throughout the Chicagoland area based on 25 variables across five categories:

  1. Reputation — must have a history of success
  2. Credibility — proven experts via certifications, awards, and more
  3. Experience — has and uses years of experience
  4. Availability — being responsive to customers needs
  5. Professionalism — being reliable, honest, and respectful

Using this evaluation and scoring methodology, Expertise narrowed 678 employment agencies down to 414 curated agencies. From there, Expertise further refined the list to its 20 top selections. We are grateful for this recognition and congratulates the other organizations that successfully made the top 20 best employment agencies in Chicago list.

Our Perspective on Why We Made the List

At CultureFit, our name shares our organizational focus front and center: we believe in matching technology companies with talent that embodies their culture above anything else. Education, experience, and other specific factors are important, and there will always be candidates that match the requirements of any particular job. However, there aren’t always candidates that will fit in with the company they choose to work for.

This is the biggest determining factor in whether a candidate will succeed in his or her position with your company. Moreover, it will be a determining factor in how his or her work actually helps your company do what it does. A person that doesn’t fit in with your unique culture isn’t going to demonstrate the organizational attributes that you need each employee to have in order to achieve your goals and objectives.

By focusing on culture first and skill second, we’ve successfully helped thousands of companies — including those on the Fortune 250 — identify, attract, hire, and retain talent that truly moves the needle for those clients. We take a partnership approach to get to the heart of who our clients are so that we can find people that will drive their passion, values, and goals forward.

Whether it’s building an IT department from scratch or helping a company find and place a leadership position with the utmost urgency, our focus on culture has delivered lasting success to our clients throughout the Greater Chicago and Milwaukee markets.

Work with a Top 20 Best Employment Agency for Your Staffing

If you’re looking to fill tech-focused positions in your organization, CultureFit is here to help. Discover how our focus on recruiting the culture and staffing the talent can help you find the right talent, right now. Contact us today to get started.