Cyber Security: In-Demand Jobs for Professionals with the Right Skillsets

With growing threats causing news, protecting data security becomes top priority for many businesses

IT cyber security has quickly become one of the most important focal points in both the private and public sectors. With the well documented rise of cyber-hacking from foreign governments and private individuals, creating an enormous scare throughout the world, new ways to help protect private data and prevent ongoing attacks has become a top priority since these breaches can cost corporations billions to fix.  Therefore, the demand for highly qualified IT cyber security professionals to stop the intrusion before it occurs has been growing by more than 10 percent year-by-year according to a recent survey conducted by (ISC)2, a not-for-profit association of IT professionals based in Florida. And the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of IT security analysts to grow by almost 40% by 2022 – a rate higher than most other IT careers.

Report finds a global shortage of talent exists

A new global report from Intel Security and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) found that 75% of IT experts claim there is a cyber-security talent shortage throughout the world. Most respondents (82%) also admit to a shortage of cyber-security skills. If your organization is looking for a well-qualified candidate to protect your data, or if you are an IT cyber security professional looking to advance your career, what are those necessary skills? CultureFit has compiled a list of the top 4 areas where demand is greater than the number of available professionals to fill the position, and why professionals should consider these red-hot careers.

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud security is what many organizations say is their biggest security skills deficiency today. With the advent of cloud storage, hackers now have a new avenue to travel down to steal data. Your customers want instant access to data, but it’s difficult for businesses to make information accessible and secure. Demand is extremely high since large industries (especially in the healthcare and financial services sector) are continually creating jobs for cloud security architects. There are many threats out there that are particular to cloud security, which include data breaches, system vulnerability exploits, hijacked accounts, inadequate diligence, and malicious insiders. IT professionals should explore opportunities to develop cloud security expertise. Certifications in cloud security are available at educational institutions like SANS and CSA.

Network Security Specialists

Network security is critical in defending the enterprise and the big data that they have stored. When a hacker attacks, they are trying to get malware or spyware inside the organization to create chaos. While advanced network security and monitoring apps work quite well in detecting suspicious behavior, organizations also need professionals who know what they’re looking for and can make quick decisions when suspicious behavior is detected, and can act swiftly to eliminate that threat. Network Security Specialists who are educated in optimizing network efficiency are well-prepared for this type of security-focused role.

Security Analysts

Security analysts plan and activate security measures to help protect their businesses’ data systems. While most start out at the entry level position of information security analyst, they can quickly advance to higher levels within the organization through certification’s in Security Analysis.  elevate their position due to the increasing amount of cyber-attacks that are occurring, almost on a daily basis.  Cyber-attacks are not going to slow, so future demand will keep growing for their services (with the BLS estimating a growth in the field of 18% over the next decade) to help build cutting-edge solutions that prevent would-be hackers from penetrating corporate networks and stealing their data.

For more information on what skills to look for when hiring a security expert, or if you are an IT cyber security expert looking to advance your career,  talk to one of our IT Staffing Professionals at CultureFit.

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