Jubilant: A Human Capital Recruiting Success Story

Jubilant is a human capital management (HCM) and payroll software consulting company located in Port Clinton, Ohio. The company works closely with its clients to provide a vision for a software evaluation, selection, and implementation. Its consulting services support HR, IT, and finance leaders with proving the value of their investments and maximizing time and budgets — ultimately leading to a software solution that promotes long-term growth.

In late 2018, Jubilant partner and co-founder and COO Tim Force was anything but jubilant. He had been working with a number of staffing and recruitment firms to identify and hire key technical and HR positions with little to no success. At that time, the company had six full-time team members but was looking to take things to the next level.

For any young company, unfilled technical roles can make or break the ability to both maintain positive momentum as well as transition into the next phase of growth. Frustrated with the lack of progress and results from his current human capital recruiting partners, Force began searching for a new firm to support his long-term staffing strategy. That November, Jubilant began working with CultureFit Technology Staffing.

Within the first eight months of our new partnership, the CultureFit team successfully identified, recruited, and placed five full-time employees onto Jubilant’s growing team. These placements included two senior technical implementation leaders and three HR implementation consultants. This effectively increased the company’s size and capacity for additional HCM and payroll software consulting services.

The Jubilant team didn’t stand still throughout the human capital recruiting process, however. While the CultureFit team was focused on identifying and speaking with potential candidates for five open positions, Jubilant continued its own recruiting efforts. Together, CultureFit and Jubilant nearly doubled the company’s employee roster from six in Q4 of 2018 to 11 employees as of Q3 2019.

Strong Today, Ready Tomorrow

The human capital recruiting partnership between CultureFit and Jubilant remains incredibly strong today, and while there is no more active hiring for the remainder of 2019, growth plans to once again double the company size by the end of 2020 are already being developed. CultureFit will continue to support Jubilant for any human capital recruiting efforts that cannot be completed in-house.

If your organization is looking for support in human capital recruiting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping companies just like yours achieve identify the right candidates for their open technical positions.

We believe that culture is and should be one of the deciding factors in who you choose to work for your company. That’s because your company is more than a building or product — it’s people, and together, you have shared values, goals, drivers, and attitudes. By hiring employees that match these traits in your organization, you can both support the success and momentum you already have while making your company stronger for the future.

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