The Typical “Atypical” IT Recruiting Process (Part II)

In our previous article we discussed some of the challenges and perfunctory processes of recruiting in the technology workforce.  The endless list of applicants, the amount of hours dedicated to interview those chosen and the effort of seamless collaboration required all factor into your company’s proficiency, and not always in a beneficial light. The seamless collaboration part alone is often a hang up, costing hours in lost productivity, not to mention half a workweek dedicated just for interviews – and that’s before discussing how many applications it took to find those candidates.

There’s a reason one of the fastest growing trends in the IT field is partnering with a staffing firm. A study posted in the Wall Street Journal found that it costs roughly twice an employee’s salary to find a suitable replacement. Let that sink in for a moment. Whatever you’re paying your systems analyst – double it and write it off to replace him.  One of your managers had a falling out with a mobile app developer? Double their salary and toss it down the tubes just to maintain business continuity. Sound harsh? It is – and it stings.

However, there is an enormous silver living with this cloud (no, not the VMWare or hybrid cloud – the proverbial cloud).

Using a staffing firm significantly reduces turnover, which shelters you from those “salary times two” debacles. No one likes to talk about it, but it does happen; though we can make it happen less. It saves your email inbox from being inundated by people who aren’t legitimate candidates and don’t meet the minimum qualifications. It solves your headaches from coordinating the background check, HR department, legal department, training coordinator, et al., and lets you focus on your project at hand. There is no such thing as a company that’s not in the middle of a project of some sort – so while you’re effectively implementing the initiative du jour, a staffing firm should be finding your new employees for you. While your staffing firm is interviewing potential new hires, you can worry about the server that just went down or updating the distribution list – something no one seems to have time for.

Side note: Our cost of maintaining such a diverse pool of high caliber experts isn’t passed on to you– we absorb that specifically to benefit you. Think of it as trading one recruiter for a dozen or so – complete with a talented network of professionals.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the job market is the unfounded notion that if a person has the job skills on their resume, they will make a good fit. This is a common misconception that can cause serious morale issues in the long run. Every company has a unique culture and every employee shares in that culture. Our agency keeps a large pool of high-level IT professionals of all skill sets and diverse ideas about their ideal business culture – which is where we separate ourselves from other staffing agencies. The “soft skills” of a candidate’s personality solidifies the perfect fit between candidate and employer, and we specialize in pairing together client and employee in like-minded fashion.

When a candidate is asked what they dislike about their current job, the potential employee would have a perfectly logical fear of sounding negative; thus, would sidestep the question with a fluff response that’s diplomatic, albeit devoid of meaning.  Potential employees do not have that fear with us, because they understand that our comprehension in this area is where our reputation is at stake. Using this acquired knowledge, we find the ideal candidate for a business’s vacancy, rather than someone who has the proper resume keywords or certifications. This systematic approach focuses on the cultural similarities of the business and individual, and has had a monumental impact on our success. Finally, we very carefully vet every candidate in our pool, and maintain a very thorough comprehension of their skills, values and abilities – enabling us to fill open positions with very short notice.

If you’re having recruiting or retention nightmares – it’s normal, especially for fast-growing companies. That’s why we do it – so you don’t have to. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you to create a comprehensive retention plan specifically for your business, while increasing your efficiency and saving on your bottom dollar.