The CultureFit® Top Tech Job Placements of 2019

It’s Been a Wonderful Year for Tech Job Placements at CultureFit

As 2019 comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the hard work of our team in successfully placing more than 108 candidates with 40 companies. In each tech job placement, we worked closely with the client to understand the key requirements of the position while also understanding their culture to ensure the person we put forward would be the right fit and ultimately a long-term success.

Here, we’ll explore several of these placements: what the company needed, what the process looked like, what made the candidate exceptional, and how CultureFit delivered a positive and successful recruitment experience. Let’s get started!

1. Senior Data Architect for a Large Consulting Company

In the consulting industry, flexibility is important — not only in terms of how consultants operate but also in their respective skills. As consultants often carry more than one project at a time, having a broad skill set that allows seamless transitioning between them is critical. When a large consulting company came to us looking for a new senior data architect, we knew flexibility was going to be a key focus. The client was looking for a candidate that would be able to work on existing projects and possessed the adaptable skills and availability for future tasks.

At first, the candidate was hesitant about moving forward with the interviewing process as his current role provided a great deal of flexibility — something that appealed to him as he needed the ability to work from home. Additionally, the candidate was planning to relocate West. However, our client had the perfect type of projects that aligned with the candidate’s skills in Cloud applications, AWS, Azure, and GCP. Not only would this allow the candidate to work remote, but the candidate’s manager was also out West — ensuring that there would be no issues due to time zones or location.

CultureFit worked as the staffing agent and helped both our client and the candidate reach an agreement to move forward. The candidate was hired in November and is loving his new role. Throughout the process, CultureFit acted as negotiator for both sides. With our understanding of the nuances of technical recruiting as well as our deep knowledge of our clients, we were able to better avoid obstacles and overcome challenges that are common in recruiting. CultureFit continues to support the client in identifying candidates for additional open roles.

2. Senior Firmware Engineer for a Leading Machinery Parts Corporation

When a large corporation specializing in machinery parts came to us for support in finding a senior firmware engineer, we were able to find a great candidate right away. However, the position was put on hold shortly after recruitment. Instead of ending the recruitment process, we recommended that the client maintain communication in case the position reopened. When it finally did, the candidate had come up for a promotion at his current organization. This required further negotiation to determine if the job would still be a good fit.

Because the candidate had experience in C development, RF-based IoT and protocols, and product launches, he was still a leading candidate for our client’s position. We worked with our client to help them understand that such a skilled candidate could easily find an offer elsewhere. Thanks to their trust in us as market experts and as a natural extension of their recruiting, the client was able to develop a compelling offer package to win the candidate to their team. We are still actively working with this client to support their recruitment needs.

3. Senior Embedded Engineer for an Automotive Accessories Manufacturer

Just as in the high performance automotive industry, speed matters. The same held true when it came to finding and hiring the right candidate. When a world-renowned high-performance automotive accessories manufacturer needed a senior embedded engineer, they reached out to the CultureFit team for tech job placement assistance. We put forth a candidate we had previously spoken with for another opportunity who had strong C++ and RTOS skills.

We knew the candidate had the right technical skills as well as industry experience that the client needed to make their product a success (as well as salary requirements), but after initial conversations, the client became worried about budget and wanted to delay. Leveraging our knowledge of the competitive technical talent market, we were able to ensure the client got the talent they were looking for now rather than waiting — and risking the loss of a qualified candidate. The candidate was hired, and the client is happy with the result.

4. Federal Sales Manager for a Cloud-Based Networking Solutions Company

We recently supported a cloud-based networking solutions client that was seeking a federal sales manager. Our team found a great candidate who possessed a very strong background in the federal sales space. The candidate was very well aligned with the overall position requirements, the experience needed, the work location, and more. While the candidate was enthusiastic and engaging, the client relations aspect was unknown. This resulted in a lower offer, but CultureFit countered to get a higher salary.

At CultureFit, we notice talent where others may not. We are adept at finding the best talent and showcasing the wide array of personalities that populate the technical talent pool. Our team has mastered the ability to discern valuable and additive talent, and how these candidates can be incredibly valuable to organizations. We value culture and know how to position our candidates as culture-adds to further optimize our clients’ companies and cultures. Both sides and are satisfied, and we have plans to further support the client in 2020.

5. Due Diligence Software Architect for a National Consulting Firm

A national management and technology consulting firm was looking to employ a due diligence software architect. The candidate possessed strong technical skills and was a perfect fit culturally. However, the candidate did not have significant consulting experience or a degree. The initial offer came in lower than expected, and while the client is strict on their salary ranges, we were able to negotiate a sign-on bonus to get the client aboard.

At CultureFit, we know that the perfect fit might not always appear in the job description. For this candidate, their passion, eagerness, and ability to learn is what propelled them past the application review despite not meeting all requirements up front. The candidate we placed is loving their new career and sees this company as the best place to work.

6. HR Implementation Consultants for a Payroll Software Consulting Firm

Over the course of 2019, we went on to provide additional hiring support totaling six new positions, building the company up to 12 positions and making a significant impact on their culture and ability to achieve their goals. They are one of our best clients of 2019 and now exclusively rely on our team for all staffing initiatives that they cannot complete on their own. This client is a testament to the notion that no matter the staff size, our team can help.

<7. Sr. Java Developer for a Private Company

A private company that specializes in shipping was searching for a senior Java developer. For us, placing this senior-level Java developer was yet another win for one of our longest-standing client relationships. For the past eight years, CultureFit has provided staffing support for one of the best mid-sized businesses in the country. While finding top talent for our clients is amazing, it’s more rewarding to replicate the success year over year. CultureFit strives to deliver ongoing successes with long-term clients as they are the catalyst to our business.

8. Lead Solutions Architect for a Consulting Firm

A consulting firm with more than 100 employees that specializes in supply chain management as well as other business optimizations was seeking a lead solutions architect. When our candidate originally interviewed for a permanent position with this client, he was not selected for the opportunity. However, a few short weeks later, the client was looking for someone that could complete project-based work, and our candidate was the best fit.

While the client initially wondered if our candidate was the right cultural fit, he was hired on just five weeks into an eight-week contract after the client saw how seamlessly he integrated with the team. To this day, our candidate is adding value as a full-time employee. In each tech job placement, CultureFit accounts for what our clients need — even if they don’t see it at first.

9. Technical Solutions Architect for Leading Enterprise

The employee is now setting the standard for what that marketplace will look like for this data consulting client. This candidate has given our client a huge boost in momentum as they continue to search for new talent across the country. Since placing this candidate, we have made two additional placements in the region and are looking for other great candidates.

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

If any of the scenarios discussed here resonate with you and your organization, CultureFit is here to help with your tech job placement needs. We understand technology recruiting better than anyone else in the Greater Chicago and Milwaukee areas. Let us put that expertise to use for your organization in 2020.

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