The Typical “Atypical” IT Recruiting Process

A great many leaders have begun a project with the opinion that tech talent is abundant, easy to come by, and the screening process only takes a few days. Often, these same leaders soon find out the hard truth – that good talent can be hard to screen, harder to find, and costly to acquire. The opportunity cost and time loss of a tech manager recruiting is about as productive as a recruiter functioning as a network admin. Tech managers have better things to do than sort through resumes to find a particular combination of computer languages and unique set of certifications candidates may have. They have projects to implement, databases to manage, and networks to patch.

At CultureFit, we specialize in partnering with businesses to develop and implement a retention plan and talent acquisition strategy for high level technology roles. We place a heavy emphasis on the personality and business culture, rather than simply the “hard” skills a candidate possesses. Take a look at why a candidate considers moving to a new organization, by downloading our full article below.

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