2014’s Five Greatest Skill Demands

So you’ve been in the IT or software field for a few years, and it’s time for a career change. This is a good time of year to do so, as many companies have incorporated a new strategy for 2014 based on last year’s successes or failures, and hence, a shift in personnel. Thus, if you’re seeking IT placement, the following are the top five skills most sought after, ranked by decision makers responding to a survey by ComputerWorld.com.

Demand of Software Development and Programming skills dominates the marketplace this year, with nearly half of decision makers seeking experienced developers. While it’s customary to have several languages on a resume at once, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re as proficient as you claim – you may end up using the language you claim to have mastered (but haven’t).

Technical Support and Desktop Help remains a versatile occupation that is in high demand, coming in second. As companies grow, so do new securities access requests, driver downloads, and computer malfunctions – and more guys who keep forgetting their password. To a highly skilled support specialist, it’s a nuisance, but a reality nonetheless.

Networking has jumped considerably since last year. Part of this is the continued wave of all things wireless, but there’s also the security factor – with massive breaches like the Target incident, many companies are realizing just how much risk is actually involved (and how the majority of it is easily avoidable with the right people in place) in the network arena, and many companies are overdue for an infrastructure overhaul. Finally, cloud solutions have positively exploded, and businesses seeking to benefit from this need someone at the helm.

Mobile Applications and Device Management follows, and it seems nearly every company wants a mobile app – both business and consumer facing. Understandable, considering the vast amount of possibilities with mobile apps. Moreover, many companies are moving to a BYOD – and among the other implementation concerns, this poses a security risk if not implemented correctly.

The fifth and final spot is reserved for Project Management. With a new direction or strategy, the burden of implementation falls squarely on the visionary with experience in both business and IT. A developer or network administrator who can turn a goal (often a directive from someone with little, if any, technical exposure) into a reality by constantly translating the details into a finished product will go far.

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