How to Maintain an Adequate Workforce

The annual results are in. In October, TECNA released its findings for 2013, including its future trends. The first readily noticeable statistic is the technical positions staffing trend, to which businesses answered that fully 59% are planning increases in tech staff, and 51% are planning increases in technology expenditures. Also, another important factor is that in perceived perception of tech talent availability, 44% reported a “moderate shortage,” and 25% reported a “significant shortage.” Finally, but perhaps most importantly, nearly two-thirds, or 64%, believe the technology employees are underperforming. This begs the questions – how do nearly 6 out of 10 businesses plan to increase their tech staff when a net of almost 7 in 10 report a shortage of some kind? This, when two thirds are considered to be underperforming already?

Many businesses find themselves scrambling to replace a tech job when the necessity becomes apparent – which is usually weeks after the need actually occurred. The lack of a comprehensive plan for hiring and retention isn’t uncommon, and there is a solution – a recruiting team.

The cardinal rule is this – when you think you may need a programmer soon, chances are you needed to bring one on yesterday. If you plan on integrating UIs or databases and don’t have the manpower, the time to hire isn’t when you actually plan on implementing the process; it’s the moment you decide to allocate resources. It takes time for a new employee, no matter how proficient, to adjust to a new company, fully comprehend the project at hand, and help develop specific actionable steps to match their strengths with the company’s.

It’s forgivable and certainly understandable that those putting these strategies in place aren’t HR experts – there is entirely too much else going on. This is precisely why it is imperative for business continuity to pair up with a specialized recruiter that understands hiring needs, and isn’t just moving numbers around. It takes time to find the right candidate. Finding someone who can perform penetration testing or a mobile app developer can be time consuming – finding one with the aforementioned skills and who matches the business culture is significantly more so. However, a skilled recruiter with a working knowledge of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, including things you won’t find on a resume about their values, can provide an invaluable link to make the relationship exponentially more beneficial and yield significantly higher results.

At CultureFit, we are aware of the different needs and necessities of employers, and stay abreast of the trends they’re looking for in a candidate. We conduct interviews with a large volume of future employees who possess a wide variety of skills, and are very experienced at producing excellent matchups. We strive through painstaking efforts to place the right candidates with the right employers – but we have a different approach than other firms. We don’t simply see SQL or Systems Engineer on a resume and “fill a spot,” we use our own Certification Methodology to match cultural perspectives to ensure maximum synergistic efficiency, and the best personality combination for each business’s needs to produce the greatest cohesive outcome.

Contact the experienced recruiting team at CultureFit today to begin building a business relationship regarding your employment requirements, and we will help create a specific personnel retention plan to help you meet your short-and long-term staffing goals.