3 Reasons to Switch to a New Technology Recruitment and Staffing Firm

Not All Technology Recruiters Are Created Equal

For most companies’ technology recruitment is a critical part of keeping a company operational, competitive, and secure from both a consumer protection and regulatory perspective.  Filling vacant or newly formed positions is backed by a high degree of urgency for both short and long-term initiatives.

It’s also not unusual for a company to secure an outside recruitment resource to augment or accelerate the process.  There’s frequently an assumption that all technology recruiters are created equal, meaning there’s little to no difference between recruitment resources.  We hope the following will give you a few things to think about as the urgency to fill these positions will not recede in the coming year:

1.  Candidate Access

Most recruitment search processes will typically begin by posting a position on the digital job boards. This approach takes valuable time with no guarantee the candidates which apply will meet the roles and responsibilities criteria. Other non-technology categories will generate numerous submissions – but technology has one of the most limited candidate pools available due to the competitive demand.

Alternative Option – a technology specific agency, like CultureFit, will augment the traditional recruitment process with their own cultivated and nurtured candidate database with bench strength access to thousands of highly skilled and pre-qualified talented professionals.

Value – Backfill urgency is easier to address – accelerating the search process, and providing peace of mind that candidates have already met pre-screening criteria.

2.  Candidate screening beyond skill sets

Unlike any other recruitment category, the technology unemployment category sits at under a 2% unemployment rate.  As a result, those that are not employed do so either by choice, or they’ve simply proven to be an unreliable employee. This creates a set of unique challenges that are beyond “are they qualified”? :

  • Are they willing to consider a new position?
  • If the candidate is willing to consider a new position, are they job hoppers?
  • Are their compensation parameters within budget? Is there room to negotiate?

This often results in a pile of candidate options, which may be qualified for the position, but have many other reasons which would make the candidate unqualified.

Alternative Option:  In an incredibly low unemployment category, compensation requirements continue to increase – for some candidates this is a black and white issue, yet there are many (nearly 40%) who may consider a new role to have access to a cutting-edge project or to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a high growth company.  At CultureFit, we know which of our candidates have indicated these personal goals are worth consideration prior to the final recommendations, and most importantly before the interview process has been initiated.

Value:  Time, time, time.  Beyond time, there’s also the elimination of potential disappointment of interviewing a candidate that appears to be a good fit and finding out, that it was an illusion.

These are only a few hurdles that must be addressed to identify a truly qualified candidate.  At CultureFit we go the extra mile to align and balance skill sets with a good cultural fit to the business environment.

3.  Employee Retention

In our current world driven by urgency and need, employee retention is often overlooked.  From a recruiter perspective, the business goal tends to be one of “volumetrics” – filling and placing as many positions possible in the shortest period of time possible.  The risk is in the post-hiring process.  There are many candidates which appear to meet all of the hiring criteria, but once hired their tenure turns out to be short-lived – forcing the business to start the hiring process all over again, while adding renewed pressures to the IT team who are once again having to manage the operation with a vacant seat.

Alternative Option:  At CultureFit, we’re trained to seek out signs that indicate the candidate could be a high-risk retention risk.  The result, we take all of the necessary precautions to limit and reduce this type of post-hire situation. Our focus is quality vs. quantity. The extra steps taken pay-off with over an 90% retention rate.

Value:  Time, money, and operational efficiency.

CultureFit and Advance Search bring a combination of over 25 years of IT Recruitment; entrusted to hire and place IT professionals throughout the Greater Chicagoland and Milwaukee area. Each year, they’re charged to recruit, negotiate, and place 100’s of open positions with quality talent that meet skill set requirements as well as compliment an organization’s culture.  Our unique position has afforded us the opportunity to identify hiring trends from both the organization and the talent’s perspective.  Want to learn more about the CultureFit difference?  Let’s connect.