Overcome 2018’s Biggest Hiring Challenges

Recruiting and hiring are evolving rapidly thanks to advancements in technology, a more globalized world and changes in the way workers are defining their professional values and goals. Things will continue to evolve in the coming year, and companies will need to understand the tech hiring challenges they will face in 2018 to prepare.

Candidates Control the Market

Unemployment is at the lowest rate we’ve seen since The Great Recession, and with current rates hovering around 4.3 percent, every talented tech professional who wants a job, has a job.

This means candidates have a lot of power in a job search, and they are demanding higher salaries and more robust bonus packages. Companies that aren’t keeping pace with these trends will continue to struggle for top talent through 2018.

The Skill Gap Is Still Very Real

The tech skill gap is still a major concern for employers in 2018. Technology has evolved at breakneck speeds and the demand for professionals with high-level skills continues to outpace the available skill sets in the market.

Companies that lose skilled employees and are unable to fill the vacancy with a qualified applicant will quickly fall behind. Turnover breeds turnover, and just one long-term vacancy can have a ripple effect across the tech team.

Recruiting Is Marketing

Corporate recruiting has changed drastically over the last ten years. Staffing your tech team used to be as simple as posting a job and choosing from qualified applicants. Now, thanks to the rise of social media and the current candidate-driven market, recruiters must act as marketers.

In order to attract qualified candidates, recruiters must know how to market their vacancies to entice someone who already has a lucrative job. From there, they must engage and establish a personal connection and build a relationship. Internal recruiters who aren’t building their marketing skills and passive recruiting skills will lag behind their competition.

Differentiation Matters

Companies must invest real resources in building their employer brand if they want to successfully attract candidates this year. It takes time to establish an organization as a place top talent wants to work, and HR teams will have to partner with company leaders and marketing to strategize ways to build that brand.

In the meantime, hiring teams must focus on creating a great candidate experience that puts your best foot forward. The hiring process must be simple and fast, hiring managers must be responsive and there must be a focus on culture throughout the process. Remember that any candidate you’re interested in likely has several other companies interested in them, as well. Differentiating your organization will be necessary in order to close the deal quickly.

Are You Ready to Overcome 2018’s Hiring Challenges?

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