Should You Hire a Candidate That Interviews Poorly?

In an interview, you have approximately an hour to ascertain a person’s skills and business culture or viewpoint. Sometimes it’s clear within a few minutes if they’re a very good or very bad fit; however, often a second interview is required. Even then, it can be impossible to ascertain all of the information you need to make a decision for your company.

There are occasionally candidates who interview well and are hired because of their potential and strengths, but end up leaving within a few months. To avoid surprises – as much as possible – here are three qualities to look for.

1. Candidate’s skills. What certifications and past experience do they have? Often, their previous experience will tell you what their future capabilities are. Do they have the certifications you’re looking for? The answers to these questions are strong indicators of the training that will be required if you move forward with the candidate.

2. Candidate’s cultural fit. Are they team oriented, results oriented, or passion driven? How do they feel about having a hand in the company direction, and how do you feel about allowing them a say in your company’s direction? Do they have a similar vision for their future as your company? It is important for each candidate and employee to understand their unique expectations and the role they will play in the company culture. Cultural fit is ultimately the best long-term job-satisfaction indicator.

3. How they interview. This is the cross road between the previous two. This is the candidate’s personality, how they carry themselves, their level of confidence and articulation. This will ultimately determine how well they will blend in with your company.

It is this third quality that affects the previous two, and is our main concern. A person can interview poorly, and still be a great match for the company – If the first two criteria are met. Ultimately, the cultural fit and technical fit are more important than how charismatic a candidate is. Sometimes those who interview “strongly” do not share the same culture, and will turnover very easily.

A tenured recruiter will be able to spot who is and who is not a good fit – often, the way a candidate responds in an interview is completely contrary to what the interviewer is looking for. It takes a refined recruiter to find the elite talent and the right cultural fit.

This is where –we excel. At Culturefit, we understand exactly what your business needs to succeed, and can pair your company with elite talent and the best cultural fit for long-term satisfaction. Our niche is ascertaining a candidate’s future outlook so that businesses can succeed in overall productivity instead of filling vacancies with whoever fits the technical requirements. This produces stronger relationships with lower turnover. Contact us today to see how we can help you!