Red Flags to Watch For When Interviewing Tech Candidates

Finding strong applicants to interview may take a recruiter searching hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and scrutinizing dozens of resumes. Generally, recruiters are filling several positions simultaneously, so it’s imperative to maximize your company’s time with each interview, which starts with the right applicants being interviewed.

Regardless, there are red flags that cannot be spotted on a resume. Sometimes these are smoothed over on paper, or glossed over by the candidate during the phone screening.  Nevertheless, there are several red flags which can immediately alert you as to whether a candidate is a poor fit for either the company or the position they are interviewing for.

1. Ambiguous responses for how a candidate earned a certification are always a potential problem area. Certifications can demonstrate either a legitimate and comprehensive understanding, or simply the candidate’s ability to achieve a high score on a test. Thus, if a specific skill set is vitally important, drill down to ascertain their actual mastery.

2. Candidates should be able to discuss their technical expertise on a variety of previous projects. If their previous work history does not add up to your present expectations, ask them to clarify what they did and how they expect to excel in the job they’re interviewing for. If they cannot describe how to perform the technical functions of the job, they probably aren’t proficient enough for this position.

3. Cultural aspects are more difficult to notice immediately, making this aspect more difficult to discern. However, there are a few signs to watch for. Any statements made that counter the core values and mission of the company are a reason for concern. Additionally, if a candidate describes their ideal work environment as on that differs significantly from what their experience will be in this role, they are likely to be a poor cultural fit.

4. Few recruiters expect to hire and retain someone until retirement age. However, candidates who approach their job without a full commitment are a major red flag. The company and client both should have a mutual understanding of full investment. Noncommittal comments or plans to change departments within a short time period simply aren’t realistic – and if they’re not realistic, it could lead to frustration and dissatisfaction on all sides. .

When it comes to technical expertise and a good cultural fit, there is no specific right or wrong answer. Technical expertise is less difficult to find, but pairing experience with the ideal cultural fit can be an incredibly difficult – but rewarding – feat.

At CultureFit, this is exactly why we succeed. We place importance on cultural perspective, not just a resume. We understand what makes a long-term employee productive, and strive to find candidates to match your company’s corporate culture. We have a diverse network of elite IT talent and can help your business meet your dynamic and fluid needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow and excel.