The Consequences of a Bad Hire

A poor hire is someone who does not fit the expectations set when offered a position. For example, a bad hire is someone that does not have the skill sets needed to be successful, someone who does not meet goals or expectations, has poor communication skills, a negative attitude or even just someone who does not work well with the existing team members. No matter what the specific reason an individual is not successful, hiring the wrong person can be disastrous for a company.

Below is a list of some of the negative consequences your company may see as a result of a poor hiring decision:

  • Hiring the wrong person can have a large financial impact via lost productivity, background checks, and the preparatory work to screen a candidate.
  • Making poor hiring decisions can lead to high turnover rates, which causes added strain to the existing workforce.
  • In the IT industry, the cost to train and replace a worker often equates to a year’s salary.  In IT, it usually costs about an entire year’s salary to train and replace a worker.
  • Employee morale often takes a hit when a poor hiring decision is made, especially if this hire does not share the company’s values or goals.

Once you recognize that someone isn’t a good fit for the company, it can be very difficult to rectify, especially if they’re producing. Most HR policies require at least two counseling sessions – one verbal and one in writing – prior to termination. Some are more lenient, but  most require a minimum of 30 days in between coaching sessions, meaning the soonest one can let a poor performer go is often 90-120 days. While this is never the ideal situation, there are always those who simply aren’t the best fit for the job.

When it comes to hiring, culture should be one of the primary concerns of the interview process. A solid cultural fit will weed out many candidates who have the right skills but the improper mindset conducive to the team’s success. It’s better to have someone who isn’t as strong in the skill set, but shares the cultural values, than someone who is more than capable but is apathetic about the culture.

At CultureFit, our entire business model revolves around the cultural values of a candidate and hiring company. We screen and vet candidates based on their business culture as well as diverse network of skills to ensure turnover remains low and long-term job satisfaction evolves from every relationship. Contact our experienced IT recruiters today to see how we can help you!