Successfully Recruiting Passive Candidates

In some circumstances, tapping in to your passive pool will likely yield greater results than simply considering active job seekers. When considering passive candidates, being patient and selective is the best approach, and will help you find the best talent.

As we previously discussed regarding passive candidates, they require an entirely different approach.  Passive candidates require a different nurturing process than active candidates, and must be treated differently. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Passive candidates are, by and large, passive. They are not actively looking for an opportunity, so it’s necessary to work around their schedule. This can be frustrating at times, but patience is the best remedy for frustration.
  2. Passive candidates are happy where they are. They will require a compelling reason to switch to a new job outside of the present comfort zone. Sell them on the benefits and culture of the new job, as well as explaining why the opportunity is unique and the added value this passive candidate would receive by accepting the new opportunity
  3. Passive candidates are still candidates. They’re looking for a reason. Some passive candidates are only one bad day from becoming active candidates. Keep a strong and steady relationship with them to ensure that when they’re ready, you’re ready.
  4. Passive candidates require nurturing. Because passive candidates are currently gainfully employed, too much contact can be harmful. If they feel overly pressured, it may cause them to withdraw from the candidacy process. A recruiter knows how to ensure that a passive candidate stays connected without risking the relationship.

Passive candidates should be recruited differently than active candidates, because their nature, intents, and purposes all differ. Likewise, the approach should differ to accommodate what it is they’re looking for in a job. The best means to achieving this goal is to have a recruiter who is well-versed and experienced in passive and active candidates alike.

At CultureFit, we have tenured Chicago recruiters who know what to look for and how to nurture passive candidates, as well as active. We work with companies and candidates to determine the best cultural fit, and ascertain the skill sets necessary for the ideal fit between the two. Contact us today to see how we can help you!