Don’t Accept Just Any Job

Even if a job sounds great on paper and checks off all your requirements for salary, responsibilities, growth potential, location, benefits, etc., it still may not be right for you. Why? Because company culture matters when job hunting. If the culture of the organization isn’t a good fit, you won’t be happy in your new job, and you’ll find yourself back on the hunt sooner rather than later.

Use these strategies to evaluate company culture before you accept the job.

Talk About Culture Before You Get an Offer

The interview process isn’t just about the company evaluating your skills to determine if you are a match for them. It is also your time to determine whether the job and the organization align with your expectations, needs, work style and personality. It is essential to research organizational culture thoroughly and ask the hiring manager direct questions about culture during job interviews.

Read the News

Spend some time reading as many news and local business journal stories you can about the organization you’re considering. You can often glean a lot about company culture from these stories.  Things like reorganization, mass layoffs, frequent layoffs, changes in leadership, product issues or PR issues could indicate a problem with organizational culture. Just make sure you read every story with an objective eye.

Talk to Your New Colleagues

Before accepting a job, you can ask the hiring manager to set up a meeting between you and your new boss and/or a few teammates. Not every company will be able to accommodate this request, but it’s worth asking. The way you feel about your boss and your co-workers has a major impact on how happy and satisfied you feel with your work. Meeting these people ahead of time to get a feel for their leadership style and personalities can provide you with invaluable information when evaluating the offer.

Work With a Recruiter

There are myriad benefits of working with a professional IT recruiter in your job search. They can connect you with unadvertised positions, help you with your resume, prepare you for interviews and negotiate salary on your behalf. They can also give you the inside line on what a company’s culture is like. In fact, if you work with the right recruiter, you won’t even need to ask about culture because they will cover that with you when they present you with the opportunity, plus they will have strategically chosen that opportunity because it aligns with your goals and values.

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