What Does Culture Mean to Your Organization?

In the tech job market, candidates are still in control. Because they are in such high demand, tech professionals can afford to be picky about where they choose to work. Yes, they will be enticed by strong compensation and benefits packages, but they are also looking for employers with an attractive corporate culture.

The Right Culture Transforms Teams

Investing in developing a strong corporate culture can have a tangible impact on your workforce. Harvard Business Review notes that sick time and low productivity can often be tied to culture challenges. Unhappy, unproductive workers tend to be stressed, making them more prone to illness as well as calling off unexpectedly for “mental health days.” Disengaged employees have a 37 percent higher absenteeism rate and make 60 percent more errors than their engaged counterparts.

A strong culture can have a positive impact on employee attitudes and engagement levels. The more engaged a team, the more productive they are. Productive tech teams are innovative and exciting – and are more likely to attract better talent. Remember the culture you cultivate today, impacts the types of people you attract tomorrow.

How to Improve Your Corporate Culture

Investing in your culture can pay dividends across the board, increasing profits, boosting output and attracting higher-caliber candidates. But many companies don’t know where to begin. Here are some practical ways you can invest in your corporate culture:

  • Invest in tools. Top talent wants access to the best tools the market has to offer. Outdated tools will not attract talent on the cutting edge.
  • Promote autonomy. Talented tech workers want to be given their marching orders and left alone to work though the process. They want the freedom to work and try new things without micromanagement.
  • Allow flexibility. Talented tech professionals typically clock more hours than a standard nine-to-five schedule and they know better than anyone that work can be done anywhere. Companies that provide flexibility in daily scheduling have an easier time attracting talent than organizations that adhere to hard-and-fast scheduling.
  • Provide a good candidate experience. Tech pros know some interview processes can be long and drawn out. But unless you are Google or Amazon, you’ll probably lose talent if you make candidates jump through too many hoops. Invest in developing thorough, yet efficient hiring processes that reflect well on your organization. A poor candidate experience implies you also offer a poor employee experience.

Are You Ready to Attract Top Tech Talent?

It can take a long time to rebrand your culture to attract top talent, but fortunately for Chicago companies, there is a way to start attracting high-caliber, culturally aligned candidates today.

CultureFit, a top Chicago IT recruiting firm, can help simplify your searches, shorten your time to hire and connect you with candidates who are technically qualified and culturally aligned. To learn how we can help you achieve your tech staffing goals, contact CultureFit.