The Right Way to Align Values for Success

When you need to hire tech professionals, skills matter. But if you want those tech professionals to excel on the job and if you want to retain those employees for the long haul, you also have to focus on values alignment. Employees whose values do not align with your corporate mission, vision and values won’t be happy, engaged or productive on the job. Use these tips to align values for success in the hiring process.

Clearly Define Your Vision

Every new team member you hire will either strengthen your culture or weaken your culture, so it is essential to hire the right people the first time. One of the most important steps in the hiring process is defining clear, concise and accurate statements about your mission, vision and values. If you don’t know what your values are, you won’t be able to spot those values in a candidate. If your vision and values are at all unclear, it is crucial to define them before you begin a talent search.

Hiring for Values

Once you’ve clearly defined your values, you can incorporate them into your selection criteria. You can assess values alignment by:

  • Screening for values alignment during the phone interview.
  • Leveraging personality assessments during the screening process.
  • Incorporating behavioral and attitudinal questions into the face-to-face interview.
  • Looking for signs that candidates have researched your values and that they are passionate about those values, as well.
  • Allowing your top candidates to interact with existing team members before making a final selection and offer.

Essentially, you’re looking for people who buy into the values that drive your company each day. For example, if your mission is to help growing businesses scale quickly and effectively, look for candidates who speak passionately about helping small businesses grow and succeed.

Put A Recruiting Expert On Your Team

Hiring for values alignment sounds simple, but it can take a long time to perfect the art of identifying candidates who are truly positioned for success. The best way to hire well-aligned candidates the first time is to work with a tech recruiting expert that focuses on cultural fit.

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