How Does CultureFit Outperform Other IT Staffing Agencies in Chicago?

When it comes to IT staffing and recruiting in Chicago, companies have an infinite list of recruiters to choose from. However, only one IT recruiting firm in Chicago has a proven track record of making strong matches for employers on both a skill level and a cultural level. CultureFit has earned a reputation as one of the best firms in the area, and that reputation is built on – of course – hiring for cultural alignment.

Why Organizational Fit Matters

It’s easy to tell if someone’s skills and experience fit a role. It’s much more complicated to determine whether that person will fit in with the team and thrive with the organization over time. Organizational culture is the personality of your company and it has a huge impact on the way employees approach their work and interact with one another. Hiring for organizational fit is equally important as hiring for skill fit.

People who are aligned with company culture are much happier and productive in their workplace than people who are not. They are more likely to collaborate and cooperate with teammates and they generally report a higher job satisfaction level.

Cultural misalignment is one of the biggest reasons new hires leave a job within the first year. Think about how uncomfortable you’d be if you had spent 15 years working in the relaxed, laid-back world of startups and you accepted a job at a buttoned-up, Fortune 100 corporation. The culture shock would be severe and very real. Hiring for cultural fit ensures people are engaged, produce their best work and succeed over the long haul.

How CultureFit Makes Effective Matches

Hiring for cultural alignment isn’t easy, which is why so many organizations struggle with it. CultureFit’s technology recruiting processes are centered around cultural alignment so we can ensure a strong match whether the employee is a permanent hire or a short-term consultant on a project.

Every client and candidate who works with CultureFit goes through the CultureFit certification methodology. During this process, we uncover what makes the individual or the company successful and what they are looking to achieve in the future. We talk to candidates about their experiences, motivators, work settings, leadership style, work style and more. We talk to clients about their values, beliefs, leadership style, leadership success, management philosophies and other factors that contribute to culture. Once we have a thorough and complete profile, we use that profile to successfully match candidates and employers based on cultural alignment.

Are You Ready to Hire for Cultural Fit?

If you are looking for tech talent for your Chicago-area company and want to improve the quality of your hires, it’s time to talk to CultureFit. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your IT staffing and retention goals this year.