Why You Need a Specialized IT Staffing Partner

IT hiring managers have one of the hardest jobs in the corporate recruiting space today. There is a well-documented skill gap in the market, salaries continue to skyrocket and it can take months for hiring teams to find a candidate who fits the bill. If you’ve been struggling with the state of the IT job market, it’s time to consider a specialized IT staffing partner.

The Tech Talent Shortage is Real

The tech market has been tight for years, but now that we are operating at historically low unemployment rates, the market is even tighter. Talent pools are limited, job seekers have all the control and companies are struggling to keep pace with modern methods of recruiting.

A specialized IT staffing partner can help overcome these challenges. The right firm can shorten your time to hire while delivering high-quality candidates. Recruiters have the time and the bandwidth to build a vast pool of both active and passive talent, and they take advantage of trends in recruiting to help you connect with the best and the brightest.

Cultural Alignment Matters

When hiring for tech roles, it is crucial to focus on skills; however, if you want to retain employees who are engaged and make valuable contributions, you’ve also got to hire for culture. There is a science to hiring people on skills, but hiring for culture is a bit of an art form. It can take years to understand how to match someone’s personality and values to the culture of your organization. And if your culture is in flux or isn’t clearly defined, it can be impossible to find people who are the right fit.

Working with a specialized IT staffing partner that focuses on cultural alignment can help you overcome this challenge. Recruiters who understand the unique culture of your organization can match you with people who have both the hard and the soft skills to thrive on your team.

A Specialized IT Staffing Partner Reduces Risk

Unfortunately, most “bad hires” don’t reveal themselves until they’ve started working for the company. Someone who seemed like the perfect match in the interview process can turn out to be less than exceptional when the rubber hits the road.

Working with a specialized IT staffing firm allows you to reduce hiring risk. You can use them to staff short-term projects with subject matter experts while you search for permanent employees, or you can hire professionals on a temporary-to-hire basis, allowing you to test out an employee before making an offer. Temporary and temporary-to-hire engagements allow you to save money on the recruiting process and reduce overhead costs like benefits and insurance until you find the right person for the job.

Are You Ready for a Specialized IT Staffing Partnership?

If you are looking to improve your tech hiring processes, CultureFit can help. Our Chicago IT recruiters can help simplify your searches while ensuring strong matches. To learn how we can help you achieve your tech staffing goals, contact CultureFit today.