Three Reasons You Should Always Take a Recruiter’s Call

Unsolicited phone calls and emails can often feel like an intrusion. If you receive a call from a recruiter, it can be tempting to ignore it, especially if you are satisfied with your current position. However, if you are an experienced tech professional, a call from a recruiter could be well worth your time.

Recruiters Have Insider Information

The best jobs in the technology sector aren’t posted on job boards. Often, the only way to ever hear about these positions is through a recruiter. Companies utilize recruiters to help them fill important roles quickly. If a recruiter is calling you, they likely have a unique opportunity you might not hear about anywhere else.

But their “insider” details don’t stop there. If you end up submitting yourself for consideration for a role through a recruiter, you’ll get some important intel about the employer before your interview. Your recruiter will talk to you about what the employer is looking for, the areas you should focus on in your conversations, and the steps you can take to make the right impression.

Recruiters Can Share Market Intelligence

If you’ve been working the same job at the same company for some time, you might not know what the tech market is like these days. Tech recruiters know exactly what’s going on: where new jobs are opening, which fields are heading for significant growth, which direction salaries and benefits are heading, your personal market value, etc. This is invaluable information that is often difficult to find on your own, even if you are actively researching.

If you take a recruiter’s call, you might discover you aren’t currently earning top dollar in your market based on your skills and experience, which could springboard you towards a better, more lucrative position.

Recruiters Can Match You With Your Ideal Position

Say you aren’t interested in the role. That doesn’t mean your career can’t benefit from taking the call. Don’t let the relationship end there. Instead, let the recruiter know you’d like to keep in touch. The recruiter will get to know exactly what you’re looking for in a potential position, and when a match arises, they will let you know.

Recruiters are paid by their client companies, but they can’t stay in business if they don’t make strong connections between employers and candidates. They have every reason to ensure they connect you with a job that meets your criteria.

Work With a True Tech Recruiting Expert

It is well worth your time to take a recruiter’s call, but it’s important to trust your job search to recruiters with true expertise and a proven track record of making strong matches. If you are seeking new tech career opportunities in Chicago, work with the experts at CultureFit. We will work closely with you to ensure we can connect you with your ideal opportunity. Contact us today to start the conversation.