How to Build Your Relationship With a Staffing Partner

The right staffing partner can shorten your time-to-hire, improve the quality of your hires and control your overall recruiting costs. In order to get the most out of your relationship, you must keep one important factor in mind: A successful partnership is truly a two-way street. Yes, you pay their bills, but in order for them to deliver accurate results, you must be an active participant in the relationship.

Choose the Right Partner

The one factor that will make-or-break the success of a staffing partnership is the firm you chose to work with. It is important to choose a company that understands your industry and the Chicago market. It is equally important to choose a firm that takes a personalized approach to searches and focuses on learning about your organizational culture, because your business and your challenges are unique.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

No matter how talented a recruiting team may be, they are not mind readers and it will take some effort on your part to educate them on your unique situation. In order for recruiters to make the best recommendations, they must learn as much as they can about your exact needs, priorities and goals. It won’t take long for a skilled staffing firm to ramp up, but the more forthcoming you are with information, the smoother and speedier the process will be.

Give and Receive Feedback

Feedback is important for your recruiting team to identify the things that are working, as well as areas for improvement. Detailed feedback on every candidate and every placement allows them to improve their service to you in the future.

It is also important to receive feedback openly. Your recruiter might make recommendations on things like job postings, salary offerings or your expectations for talent in the market. Remember that you chose your partner based on their expertise, so if they offer advice on how to make your recruiting efforts more effective, be willing to receive that information.

Set Realistic Expectations

Talented recruiters will shorten your time to hire and improve the quality of the candidates you interview, but they are not miracle workers. There may be times when they can turn something around within a matter of days, but other jobs will require more time. Be proactive and communicate your hiring needs as soon as you anticipate them, and work together with your recruiter to set a realistic expectation for success.

Are You Ready for a Successful Staffing Partnership?

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