5 Reasons IT Talent is on the Hunt

In February, we discussed some of TECNA’s findings about IT employment trends. Some were less than… optimistic… from a hiring standpoint (though great if you’re a candidate) while others were about what one would expect in a booming industry. Whereas before our concern was maintaining a consistent flow in workforce hiring, we now turn our attention to why IT employees are considering new opportunities.

  1. Corporate leadership. While this seems overly vague and ambiguous – it’s actually very easy. Many IT professionals feel like their leadership is out of touch, inflexible, doesn’t reward excellence or just doesn’t care. Instead of trying to be “better,” be different. Communicate directly and candidly with your workers to find out exactly what they need/want/expect from you. (Hint – only a few companies actually do this consistently and effectively).
  2. Autonomy. While tech-oriented workers are debatably more creative than most people, they are near-unanimously better at problem solving . One of the chief complaints among IT professionals is that there is little flexibility for individual decision making. Some things require a specific process or procedure, but there are a great many that don’t. They are usually, after all, the ones who have to fix their decisions, if things go awry.
  3. Direction. Computer and IT employees want a say in the direction their company is heading. In some cases, they may surprise you with keen insight into certain types of operational goals, whereas other decisions are left up to the business experts. (NOTE- we’re not advocating to replace your board of directors with software engineers) It’s wise to at least consult them, if they’re involved in the implementation process, however. We understand that this isn’t always possible, but at the very least – it’s helpful for all involved to check up quarterly.
  4. Growth. Short and sweet – Very few employees in ANY industry want to maintain the status quo in their tenure. IT talent is no different. They want to move up with the company, and increase their responsibility. The moment they feel “stuck,” their loyalty becomes questionable.
  5. Culture. The importance of culture cannot be understated!  Addressing the above four factors are wasted efforts if the employee’s business cultural views do not reflect yours. Culture plays a vital role in productivity, efficiency, level of contribution, and a hundred other key terms from Business Management 101. If there’s a cultural clash, there’s an occupational mismatch, and it won’t last long.

As a premier staffing agency in the IT industry, we can help with all of these factors by placing our emphasis on culture. We built our company on the foundational importance of retaining a wide diversity of talent with differing viewpoints, and we specialize in teaming up high-level candidates who possess the same workplace values as their future employer. We understand that an employee performs their best when they hold similar values to their employer. Culturefit doesn’t just push numbers into vacant roles – we carefully vet, interview, and screen each candidate to comprehensively understand their needs, so that in turn – we can provide you with the highest level of expertise and the perfect match of personalities. Contact us today to see how we can help you.