Growing From Good IT Professional to Great Leader

Congratulations!  You’ve carved out a very nice IT position.  You’re well liked by your peers.  You solve problems others can’t.  So now what?

While some IT professionals are content in mid-tier positions, others want to continue to climb the ranks.  If you’re interested in moving past “practitioner” and into a leadership role, here are four things you must do:

1. Excel in your niche

You might view yourself as an all-around good geek, who can code in Java, perform complex administrative tasks in Linux, and whip out a PHP/MySQL e-Commerce website in a brief period of time.

However, companies aren’t typically looking for a jack of all trades when it comes to staffing their IT departments. They want someone with a specific skill set. For example, they might want someone who can develop applications, or code distributed object applications in Java.

Establish yourself and excel within the niche. Then, you can market yourself as an expert.


2. Become good at the other kind of networking

You might know everything that there is to know about TCP/IP. That protocol, of course, is used to send and receive data between computers. It’s how you’re reading this blog post right now.

However, there is another kind of networking. The other kind of networking involves a more direct human interaction. It’s all about networking between people.

The point is this: stay in touch with fellow professionals in IT. Build relationships with your peers. Seek out additional business relationships. Attend network events and meet ups.

Most importantly: stay in touch with these people!  Periodically pick up the phone and check in.  Connect via social media.  Lend a helping hand or bounce challenges off of others.  Keep attending events and be social!

Why is networking so important? This network can help in your career advancement, or in times of unemployment, they can recommend you for another opportunity that is a perfect fit for your skills.


3. Keep learning

You’ll market yourself right out of the IT field if you stick to only what you learned in college. The technology space is ever evolving. You need to make sure that you evolve with it, or you’ll find yourself replaced by someone who has your skill set and all of the most up-to-date information in your field.


4. If you’re an expert, become a mentor

If you’re savvy at your particular IT specialty, then by all means share that knowledge with others. Be a mentor to junior members of your business team to showcase your experience. Go out of your way to help those who aren’t quite as skilled as you. You’ll find that you earn a new level of respect when you strive to make others successful.

Are you currently unemployed? Mentoring the younger generation and sharing your knowledge will help to keep you relevant in the industry.

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