Why the ‘Right Fit’ is the Most Important Aspect of Placement

Often times, a job candidate will have a resume that matches perfectly with the requirements for a position. As an employer, you look at this as a great opportunity for both the candidate and yourself.

After all of your efforts, the candidate begins working. Then, for one reason or another, the employee washes out in a matter of weeks.

What went wrong?

More than likely, it was a mismatch between the company culture and the candidate. Even though some candidates look great on paper for a particular job opening, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be a good fit for the culture of that company.

Here is why the “right fit” is the most important aspect of job placement.

1. An employee is more than a skill set

An employee is a human being. Part of being a human being is being human. And being human means that the employee will have a set of character and personality traits. These traits, as you may have noticed, will differ from person to person.

A company culture is the sum of the traits of its employees, predominantly its management. As a result, it’s best to match potential employees with a company culture in which they can thrive and be successful.

2. It will be better for the company

A company is more likely to succeed when its employees share common ethics, goals, visions and even a means of carrying out those visions.

On the other hand, if a company is comprised of employees who don’t share a vision and don’t act in concert, then it becomes much more difficult for that company to achieve success in today’s competitive climate. Employees who don’t fit into an organization’s culture will unintentionally disrupt productivity, shifting focus from what needs to be achieved to handling the disruption.

Businesses are much more likely to achieve profitability and meet their financial goals when everyone in the company is a willing and enthusiastic participant in the overall corporate culture.

3. It will be better for the employee

People don’t want to feel awkward in their working environment. If you place someone in a business culture that doesn’t match their personality, work ethic and goals, then you’re likely subjecting that individual to some level of discomfort. This leads to demoralization and, ultimately, a lack of productivity.

As a result, it’s more difficult for the candidate to excel and reach his or her potential. This causes further discouragement and a downward spiral begins.

All of this can be avoided by placing the candidate at a company with a matching business culture.

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