Converting Technological Disruption into a Thriving Business

Chicago ranks 6th in the country for innovative start-ups, and the largest market for female led start-ups.  Both are impressive positions fueled by fearless entrepreneurs like Karrie Sullivan, a founding principal and CEO of Culminate Strategy – a transformational, and data centric services organization leading the race to capitalize and deploy the most innovative, and emerging technologies such as, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to name only a few.

Many experts would deem it an aggressive feat to lead the launch of just one of these platforms; however, Sullivan’s deep technological, operational and business experience gave her the foresight to understand the power of leveraging these complex platforms with a single goal to transform the operating infrastructure of a mid or enterprise sized company into a worthy enterprise sized competitor.

Her timing is most likely perfect, as many respected analysts have indicated these disruptive technologies are beginning to move out of the emerging stage (how do we want to use these technologies?) and into early adoption over the next several years (how do we implement?).

CultureFit Technology Staffing had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Sullivan to gain a better understanding of her vision for Culminate, as well as her perspective of how poised the greater Chicagoland area is to support what she perceives as a forthcoming watershed moment of growth.