Simple Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

Tech interviews can be difficult to navigate. You might be very qualified for a position, you may show up feeling confident, and you may leave feeling like you nailed it. Then, if you don’t hear anything from the hiring manager, you’re left to wonder what you’re doing wrong.  According to Vicky Oliver, author of 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions, research shows that the biggest reasons you don’t hear back are because of some simple interview blunders. If your IT job search has stalled, you may be making one or more of these mistakes.

Poor Research

Lack of research is one of the biggest complaints of hiring managers today. They are looking for people who are excited about the job and enthusiastic about the role. You can’t really claim to be excited if you don’t know anything about the company, what it does, what they are known for, their culture, etc. Before every interview, spend time researching the company website, their social media profiles and searching for local and national stories about the business.


You probably know that lack of confidence can cost you a job, but you can also take yourself out of the running by being too confident. Overconfidence often comes across as arrogance. If you exhibit these behaviors, you could be giving off unflattering signals:

  • Speaking over the interviewer.
  • Not listening to the entire question.
  • Excessive name-dropping.
  • Not admitting to any weaknesses or failures.

If you notice any of those behaviors, you will want to tone down your approach. Practice with a friend, family member, colleague or recruiter so you’re giving off the right signals.

Not Asking Questions

In every interview, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions of your own. Failing to ask any questions sends the signal that you are not really interested in the job. Asking run-of-the-mill questions is ok, but If you want to stand out, ask things like:

  • What are your goals for this position for the first 30, 60 and 90 days?
  • What are the biggest challenges currently facing the team I’d be joining?
  • What is my future manager’s leadership style?

Could Your Chicago Tech Job Search Use a Boost?

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