What to Look For When Hiring Technical Staff

Hiring the right IT professionals is critical. As technology evolves and plays an ever-increasing role in business growth and efficiency it’s crucial to find people with current technical skills (and the willingness to constantly update them) and the soft skills to fit into your corporate culture and function as part of a team.

Here are three attributes to look for when adding to your IT support team:

1. Collaborative mindset

Most daily IT functions are conducted independently. Coding, troubleshooting and web development are not team sports. But the IT department doesn’t exist in a vacuum. An effective IT team needs to be able to clearly communicate the organizational impacts of technological enhancements on the entire organization. This includes how operational procedures will be affected, implementation of new tools, explanation of processes being applied and other technological advancements.

IT also needs to collaborate with stakeholders in various business units who may have little or no technical knowledge. IT professionals can develop more satisfactory solutions if they are comfortable working closely with various departments to agree on project scope and clarify business objectives before they get started.

2. Willingness to learn

Change is constant in technology. The best technical specialists welcome that change and are eager to adapt.

Because technology is always evolving it’s important for each IT support person to stay abreast of the trends within their area of expertise; actively seeking out technological opportunities that will make the company more cost or time efficient.

Seek out candidates who have worked to keep their skills and certifications up-to-date. Reward that proactivity by offering reimbursement for additional relevant education or training that can increase an employee’s value to the company and possibly reduce attrition.

3. Solid business judgment

IT experts are on the front line of new technical developments. It’s important they have a well-rounded knowledge of your business objectives and vision for the future; leveraging this knowledge to identify  new technologies or trends that will help you to reach your goals.

A technical specialist who truly understands your business can help determine if a cutting edge development will give you a leg up on the competition or just waste your time and resources.

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