How to Staff Your Growing IT Workforce

Strategic Planning with Your Staffing Agency Will Help You Reach Your Goal

Your company is growing by leaps and bounds, outgrowing the workforce you presently have on hand within the company.  Hiring is needed, and talks ensue as how best to grow the workforce to meet your present needs.  However, intelligently growing the company is much more than putting out a job ad, then choosing from that small lot of candidates. In today’s competitive economy, meaningful innovation and growth lies in its ability to attract and retain the right people to help realize the future. You’ll want to find candidates who will fit in with your corporate strategy, thereby helping you meet those strategic goals. A hyper vigilant hiring process can pay off big dividends. Looking objectively at the hiring practices of those perennially successful companies, you’ll see one common denominator – they all put a strong emphasis on the hiring process.  They strategically plan, and quite often utilize staffing and recruitment agencies to help them reach their goals.  Here is why:

  1. Why have a strategic plan when hiring?

According to recent article in Inc. entitled How to Hire Great People- Every Time, it’s emphasized that managers should treat the hiring process “as the most important strategic planning your company needs.” Why? Because every new employee will either improve the organization or lower it. Strategic recruiting and hiring are ultimately more important than training and development. So, budgets and management’s attention should clearly reflect this. It always pays to take a long-term perspective and find a strategic fit between the candidate and the position. Character, competence and culture fit should be considered in the process!

  1. Why partner with a Professional Staffing Agency?

The best staffing agencies recognize collaboration and strategic partnership provides the greatest value to their customers. The more you work together, the more the relationship will resemble a partnership, allowing the staffing agency to understand not only the skills that are needed to fill a vacant position, but also the type of person that will enhance the company’s culture.  By partnering, the company is allowed to focus on running their business, rather than focusing on hiring issues. Staffing agencies are also better able to attract those highly sought after passive employees (those very qualified candidates already employed by your competition) due to their expanded network’s which can source them!

If you’re growing your workforce, and have questions about strategically partnering with a staffing agency, talk to one of our IT staffing consultants at CultureFit. CultureFit is a full service Technology Staffing and recruitment firm for corporate cultures that value organizational fit, employee satisfaction, and an extremely high level of technical IT skills.