Why is JavaScript so Popular? 5 Reasons for Its Dominance.

Netscape first created and introduced JavaScript to the world in 1995. It was created to be a simple scripting language for web browsers. For years after its inception, it was greatly maligned and reviled by both users and developers. JavaScript had so many design flaws in it than many users just simply disabled the browser’s ability to run JavaScript code altogether.  That was over 20 years ago, and the times, as well as JavaScript, have changed enormously.  It is now the most dominant programming language on the web. In fact, all modern web browsers use JavaScript language, making it the only language scripting tool used on all personal computers and mobile devices throughout the world.

In a recent survey, 85.3% of developers cited JavaScript as the programming language they most commonly use.

In a 2016 Stack Overflow developer survey, which asked 45 questions to 56,033 developers in 173 countries around the world, about their preference as to what language scripting they use in their programming, the overwhelming preference was JavaScript.  In total, 85.3% of developers who responded cited JavaScript as the programming language they most commonly use. So with that being said, what exactly does JavaScript do? While HTM language allows web developers to format content (allowing them to make text bold, create text boxes, and create buttons), JavaScript allows them to make the page more dynamic by allowing users to interact with web pages, click on elements, create pop-up messages, and change the pages.  Here are 5 reasons why JavaScript is the most used programming language in the world today:

1. JavaScript is Free

You don’t have to purchase it! JavaScript comes with its own browser and executes within said browser. There is no need to download, install and configure any library files to run JavaScript. All you will need is a program code editor like Notepad++ and your own internet browser, and you are ready to write code!

2. JavaScript is Easy to Debug

You are given a full set of tools which will help you to quickly debug any JavaScript issues. Any error you run into can be traced back to the exact place it occurred in the browser console. Two excellent and free tools you should get are Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar. Firebug is a plugin for the Firefox browser and Web Developer Toolbar is available for Chrome and Firefox.

3. JavaScript is Easy to Edit

Getting started is incredibly easy because you don’t need a whole lot to get rolling with it. JavaScript is a scripting programming language, so the code you write doesn’t need to be compiled. It is just plain text, so all you need to write it is a plain text editor like Notepad (which is also completely free!).

4. JavaScript is Easy to Learn

In the early year, JavaScript was a bit of a hassle to pick up and start using due to incompatibility issues.  Nowadays, it’s very simple because the language is flexible and has become standardized for ease of use with almost all browsers.  And the browsers now handle all of the complicated assignments like loading and unloading content or setting primitive data types.

5. JavaScript is Made for the Web.

Over the past 10 years, JavaScript has grown in scope and application, and is fully supported by all modern browsers, while working seamlessly with HTML/DHTML, CSS3 and background services via AJAX. And now, since the web has begun to change from adobe Flash apps to HTML5, JavaScript is able to more easily interface with existing JavaScript code seamlessly, while Flash requires an extensive workaround.

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