Online Recruiting: 6 Common Misconceptions

Recruiting qualified people takes a huge amount of time, and for many companies it is a real problem finding enough time to do it well. Recruitment is, in large part, a numbers game: an employer often has to look at many, many applications before he/she finds the right person to fit the available position.

Finding good, talented workers is hard.

Recruitment firms, like CultureFit, provide a specialized service that takes time, a bench strength of available talent, and experience to understands of the category(s) they’re hired to support. Employers need the right people to apply for their jobs, but many times don’t know how to go about finding the perfect candidate or they simply don’t have the time available to dedicate to an IT talent search. Instead, they depend on an outside agency to do the leg work for them, allowing them to spend their time interviewing these qualified candidates.

Nowadays, the Internet has transformed the way business managers and human resource professionals work. Many companies are testing online recruitment services, or posting on job boards to gather resumes.  However, many misconceptions exist as to the advantages of using online recruitment over using a professional staffing firm, like CultureFit.

Below are a few of the proclaimed advantages for using an online recruitment platform, followed by why an IT staffing firm, like CultureFit is a better solution within the IT industry:

Myth #1: Cost effective – usually free to use!

This is an incorrect thought, there’s always a price.  Usually nominally around $300-$600 per position posted, but then again, cost effective is relative if the submitted resumes do not meet the needs of the position being recruited.

Myth #2: Immediacy – most posts and replies appear in real time format.

Professional recruiters at CultureFit will make sure the job requisitions/posts are written in the most compelling and complete way to recruit the most qualified individuals.  On-line provides no guidance respective to the “quality” of the post. Even better, CultureFit replies are in real time as well.

Myth #3: More effective – online recruitment is more accessible to individuals making it more effective in terms of getting your job posting noticed.

It may be more accessible, but you’ll end up with a large percentage of applicants that aren’t qualified. Hence, it takes additional manpower to go through each resume to determine who is or who isn’t qualified.  CultureFit does this for you.  Only the qualified will cross your desk.

Myth #4: Reach a bigger audience – through online recruitment you can target a far wider audience without having to pay extra or alter your recruitment strategy.

Bigger isn’t better if they aren’t qualified.  This is especially true for IT staffing that has very specific skill sets that need to be vetted against the type of past projects.

Myth #5: Easy – almost everyone can use online recruiting methods with very little training due to the fact it is clear, easy to understand and user friendly.

Easy is relative also….it still takes time to write up an effective job description/requisition and follow-up with all of the candidates that appear to be qualified on paper.  Then add one more layer of filtering to capture only those truly qualified.  CultureFit does all of this for you, saving time and money!

Myth #6: Dynamic content – posting jobs online and via social media platforms gives you a chance to be more creative with your content and appealing to job seekers.

All clients get to review the postings, but CultureFit does all the work.  And with years of experience in writing content, we understand how to appeal to the top talent, whether actively or passively looking. The only time you’ll need to contribute is the time needed to read the copy and approve it, and then schedule interviews (of course, we’ll do that for you as well if asked).

At CultureFit, we understand how tempting it may be to try to go it alone.  However, so much is involved in finding that perfect candidate.  By contracting with a professional recruiting and staffing firm, you are getting a partner who not only understands the technology sector, but a partner who has an extensive database of highly qualified individuals to quickly and efficiently fill the position.

If you are interested in finding a highly skilled IT Professional who will also match your company’s culture, speak with one of our IT staffing consultants. CultureFit is a full service Technology Staffing and recruitment firm for corporate cultures that value organizational fit, employee satisfaction, and an extremely high level of technical IT skills.