No Risk. No Reward.

All project opportunities are not created equal. Most entrepreneurs are not ready to accept this as a part of growing a new business. Without a clear vision and the discipline to work with your ideal client, there are major risks at every turn. CultureFit had the opportunity to meet and interview one Chicago based tech firm that just learned this lesson, – SnapMobile, an application developer.

According to Andy Mack, co-founder, “…making the decision to re-structure our sales plan to target only projects that meet specific value criteria was the hard part. What we learned is the perceived risks were replaced by immense gains that had unanticipated benefits that expanded beyond financial practicality”.

4 Years of Shifting – Without Abandoning the Core Service

The original idea behind SnapMobile was to be the fastest, simplest, and most affordable mobile application developer in the greater Chicagoland area. The approach generated a modest amount of traction, but fell short of the founder’s goals, so like every good entrepreneur they shifted – widening their services to a more traditional agency model. The expansion was engineered to help clients understand the tangible value in developing an application that would have an immediate operational expense impact.

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