Should You Accept a Position You Don’t Want?

The answer to the question of taking a job you don’t want should be a simple, “no.” But there are times when you might consider saying yes to a role even though you have a nagging feeling that the job isn’t right for you. So, should you ever accept a position you don’t want?

Reasons To Consider Accepting a Position You Don’t Want

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in this conundrum. Perhaps you were laid off and you’re feeling panicked about getting back to work. Maybe you were contracting and were unable to line up a new project. Or maybe the job is with an employer you really want to work for, but the job itself isn’t quite right.  Situations like these can make you question whether or not to take the leap.

The only time you should ever consider taking a job you don’t really want is if you find yourself in a dire situation. If you are unemployed, have run out of savings and you need to keep a roof over your and food on the table, you might not have a choice but to accept any offer you get.

In all other cases, it pays to let that job go. Taking a job you know you don’t want is bad for both you and the employer. If you’re unhappy, you won’t be productive and you won’t put your best foot forward. This could mean you’ll find yourself back on the job hunt sooner rather than later.

How To Resist the Urge To Take a Job You Don’t Want

If you’re in a bad work environment and you need to get out quickly, or if you’re starting to run through your savings faster than you imagined, it can be tempting to take a job that isn’t right for you. The best way to run an efficient job search and end up with a job and an employer you’ll love, is to work with a professional recruiter that focuses on cultural alignment.

Your happiness and productivity on the job are directly related to how well your values and personality align with the culture and values of the organization you work for. If you don’t believe in the mission of the company, or if you work with people whose personalities, priorities and approach to work clash with your own, you won’t enjoy what you do. A recruiter that focuses on fit can ensure that you will find a job where you will utilize your best skills at a company where you will thrive.

If you are a tech pro in the Chicago area considering taking a job you don’t want, turn it down and work with the recruiters at CultureFit today. You can browse our current Chicago IT job openings or contact us to talk about our process for finding exactly what you’re looking for from your next job.