Announcing CultureFit’s 2016 Hiring Trends Report

Over the past 12 months 62% of IT professionals secured a pay raise.

33% of these increases were greater than 15%, according to a recent 2016 Hiring Trends report researched by our team at CultureFit. This trend, in conjunction with an anticipated hiring gap as high as 40% provides IT Professionals with even more negotiating power when making a job switch. The increased control appears to also impact other components of an employment package including a trending need to have the flexibility to work on and off premises.

We recently completed our second national survey of over 500 IT professionals throughout the Greater Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas.

Salary Isn’t Everything

Just as interesting as the continued salary increases, the survey also showed that although there’s an immense demand for these highly sought after IT professionals, nearly 50% of the respondents indicated the amount of compensation is NOT a point of high consideration, with other criteria playing a much more significant role, such as the opportunity to advance their career, or having the flexibility to work on or off premise. The report also shows this highly motivated group takes nothing for granted with nearly 44% indicating they’ve secured a specialized certificate to gain an even greater advantage on their next career move.

Eric Edelsberg, staffing director and principal of CultureFit, stated, “If you want the best candidate…. it’s critical to be both strategic and flexible in designing an employment package that fits the needs of the candidate as well as the hiring company.” He further added “Similar to finding an IT Professional that can quickly fit the unique culture of an organization, each IT professional will most likely have some unique needs. We make it a point to find out before the negotiation stage what the priorities are for each candidate.”

Read the Full Hiring Report

CultureFit’s 2016 Hiring Trends report includes additional insights from recently released reports from the Bureau of US Labor and Statistics, the Kaiser Foundation, Gallup Poll, SHRM, and Computerworld to provide the most comprehensive understanding of hiring trends, for hiring companies, as well as future candidates.

For a complete copy of the survey CLICK HERE

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