What is the Benefit of Working With a Recruiter?

Tech job searches can be extremely stressful. In fact, searching for a new job can become a full-time job itself. It takes a lot of hours to uncover opportunities, research companies, tailor your resume and navigate the interview process. And then, you never quite know where you stand with any potential employer. Working with a professional recruiter can remove a lot of stress and increase your odds of success.

A Transparent Process

One of the most frustrating parts of a job search is not knowing whether your resume was received or read. Not knowing where the decision-maker is in the process. Not knowing whether the timeline is going to change. When you work with a recruiter, you are never left in the dark. You’ll know exactly where you stand at every step of the process.

Interview Preparation and Feedback

When you conduct a search on your own, you’re left to your own devices when researching the company and its culture. When you work with a recruiter, you’ll be prepared before your interview. You’ll learn about the culture of the company, its successes and challenges and what the decision maker is looking for.

After your interview, you will reconnect with your recruiter to debrief. You’ll receive real, actionable feedback so you know what you did well and the areas you need to improve to make a stronger impression the next time. If you don’t receive an offer, your recruiter will let you know why the hiring manager chose another candidate – inside information that is almost impossible to get on your own.

Salary Guesswork is Gone

Conversations about salary can be delicate when you’re in an interview. There is always a bit of a “dance” that occurs between you and the hiring manager, with no one wanting to tip their hand. With a recruiter, you talk about your salary expectations before the search process beings.  They know what you’re looking for – and what you’re worth – and they’ll discuss salary with you each time they recommend a position.

The Job Will Be Right for You

Accepting a new job is always a gamble.  It can take weeks to determine whether you are truly a good fit for the company and the job. With a recruiter, alignment is their focus. Recruiters only succeed when they match their clients with candidates who have both the skills and the cultural alignment to thrive on the job. A good recruiter spends time learning about your personality, work style, goals and preferences so they know whether a job will be a good fit.

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