How Can You Find Tech Talent in Chicago?

Chicago’s tech market is booming thanks to a healthy startup community and a concentration of Fortune 500 companies. However, a strong market means fierce competition for talent, and employers must pull out all the stops to find, attract and hire tech talent in Chicago.

The Reality of the Talent Gap

Every city, metro and town in the U.S. is experiencing a skilled tech talent shortage, and Chicago is no exception. Even though the Chicago area is home to several colleges and universities, there isn’t enough talent coming into the market to meet the demand. This is especially true in app development, cybersecurity and data analytics. Demand will continue to outpace supply as companies become more reliant on technology. That technology must be kept running, kept secure and keep the company competitive.

Overcoming the Fit Hurdle

Due to the talent gap, many Chicago hiring managers are tempted to make an offer to the first qualified applicant they find. However, hiring for skill alone can be a mistake. The number one reason new hires leave a job within the first year is cultural misalignment. If an employee doesn’t fit in with the culture of the organization, they won’t be happy or productive.

How to Find the Tech Talent You Need

Given these challenges, it might seem like finding tech talent in Chicago is an impossible task. Frankly, it can take years to develop and implement effective strategies like aggressive employer branding and passive recruiting. However, Chicago companies hire their ideal candidates every day.  The savviest of those organizations are partnered with a specialized tech recruiting firm to help them connect with the people they need to succeed. A strong recruiting partner:

  • Has a robust pipeline of passive talent that is always growing.
  • Uses a sophisticated mix of strategies to identify and connect with top talent in the market.
  • Has a stringent vetting process to verify skills and experience and uncover personality traits.
  • Helps businesses identify the precise skills and attributes required for success in a specific role.
  • Tailors their candidate searches to the needs of the business and the specifics of the role.
  • Promotes the employer’s brand to strong candidates.
  • Recommends candidates who have both the skill alignment and the cultural alignment to succeed.

Even in a competitive market, the right recruiting partner shortens searches and improves the quality of hires by focusing on total alignment, rather than skill alignment alone.

Are You Searching for Tech Talent in Chicago?

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