Identifying Industry Opportunities

In February, we reviewed some of the trends in the technology workforce, along with TECNA’s predictions for 2014. The IT workplace remains a very dynamic and competitive industry with immeasurable opportunities for those willing to learn. Here are a few areas of opportunity that have exploded recently.

1. Cloud computing. The “cloud” began as a major emerging technology in storage a few years ago, but advances in functionality have breathed life into an entirely new sector, rather than simply one avenue of storage. SAN/NAS storage is still available, but IaaS, SaaS and PaaS are all moving from novel concepts to commonplace solutions for businesses.

2. Big Data. Big data doesn’t specify one position or role, but it does employ specialized engineers, system integrators, BI or BA Engineers, Big Data Platform engineers, Business Process Reformation Architects and many people in between. The ultimate purpose here is to drive business improvements and turn data into valuable information. There are many opportunities for innovative professionals can prosper in this area.

3. Security. Security has always been a major part of technology jobs. However, with the sheer volume of high profile security breaches the last year or so, it has skyrocketed into every CIO’s top priority list. After Heartbleed, everything from pen testing to DoS/DDoS is being re-evaluated for proficiency. Regardless of how advanced technology becomes, security will remain a perpetual opportunity.

4. Software development.  As more and more companies require proprietary software and need custom applications, software developers and programmers alike are finding increased opportunities and new areas to explore. Java is in especially high demand, although C++, .NET, and a host of others have a very important part to play.

Regardless of what niche of IT you work in, there will always be opportunities to explore, create, and innovate. Technology is a very fluid field with perpetual changes. It is always beneficial to learn new trends, languages, or skills – even if you never use them professionally, it will benefit and hone the ones you do use.

At CultureFit, we are here to help you find the next step in your career. We work with high-level IT talent, and have a wide variety of positions available. However, we don’t simply fill vacancies with candidates – we thoroughly understand the business culture of both candidate and client in order to maximize long-term job satisfaction. Not only does this maximize your productivity, it also ensures you’ll still be happy in your company down the road. Contact us today to see how we can help you!