How Do You Know Your Favorite Candidate Will be a Great Cultural Fit?

Effective hiring is about more than checking off a list of skills and qualifications. Research continually shows that in order for a new employee to be successful, they have to be aligned with the culture of the organization. However, hiring for cultural fit is no easy feat because it is much more subjective than skill match. Use these strategies to determine whether your favorite candidate will be a great cultural fit.

What Does Cultural Fit Really Mean?

It is impossible to know what cultural fit looks like without defining it. That means having a clear understanding of your organizational culture. Your company culture is its “personality” and the sets of norms that define behavior and work in the office. Only by being honest about your culture can you identify candidates who are truly aligned.

Separate the Person From The Professional

The way you’d evaluate someone’s fitness to be a dating partner or friend is not the same way you’d evaluate their fitness for a job. You may personally like or dislike things about a candidate, but it is important to focus on their fit with the organization, not necessarily your personal preferences.

Discuss Values

Values alignment is a major factor in overall cultural alignment, so it is important to uncover candidates’ values during the hiring process. Don’t list out your corporate values, however. This gives the interviewee time to craft answers that they think you want to hear. Instead, ask questions that will help you see their values in action.

For example, ask something like, “Tell me about a time a colleague or boss wanted you to lie for them. What did they ask you to say and how did you handle it?”  This type of question helps you see how they value honesty and ethics and how they balance it against team dynamics. Someone who has no qualms about lying might not have the ethical standards you’re looking for, if that is a value your company upholds.

Evaluate The Questions They Ask You

Pay close attention to the questions the candidate asks, whether to clarify your questions or to gather more information about the job. The questions candidates choose to ask can tell you a lot about their values and how they approach work. Look for signs that the candidate has also thought about cultural fit. If they ask questions that show they’ve really thought about what it might be like to work with your organization, it demonstrates their interest in the role and their own commitment to alignment.

Are You Ready To Hire For Culture?

Cultural misalignment is the number one reason why employees feel unhappy and unproductive on the job. CultureFit, a top tech recruiting firm in Chicago, can connect you with candidates who are technically qualified and culturally aligned. To learn how we can help you achieve your IT staffing goals, contact CultureFit today.