IT Unemployment Rates Drop to Nearly 2% – Demand Goes Up!

Technology staffing continues to be one of the hottest hiring categories with IT unemployment rates dipping to a record low of nearly 2%.  As a result, filling an open IT position has become more competitive than ever.  The same research predicts little to no change for the remainder of the year.  (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics )

Companies that reach out to CultureFit Technology Staffing for support consistently ask how they can be more competitive in order to secure the best talent possible for a new or open position.  The following is a list of 5 recommendations that can turn recruitment efforts into an IT Rock-Star Magnet:

  1. Reduce requirements

The longer the list of “must haves” respective to candidate requirements, will result in a much shorter list of interested candidates – make decisions about this list based on the criticality of the skill sets and/or experience as it pertains to the position.  If it isn’t critical, move it to the “Job Preferences” category

  1. Job Flexibility

Job flexibility allows a candidate to work from home and on premise.  Some companies will allow a candidate to choose their hours, as many are night owls.  Don’t underestimate the value of this option respective to the quality of candidates that will want to be a part of your IT Team.  The position you’re hiring for may offer a unique and innovative opportunity, but if other like options are available people will avoid commutes more than 30-45 minutes– you can take it to the bank, that these candidates do have several options.

  1. Benefits Matter

Healthcare Benefits are often deemed as a table stake for many of these candidates. But there are other unique benefits that can help attract the most talented available – paternity leave (in addition to maternity), company paid conferences and/or fitness centers, quarterly bonuses, car/alternative transportation subsidies, are a few creative examples.

  1. Degree or No Degree

Review the skills needed to the open position – Is a BS/BA degree critical to the performance of the role or does actual experience outweigh the degree?  Some of the brightest technology talents are self-taught- demonstrating not only the necessary job skills, but they also possess tenacity and problem solving skills that aren’t a part of the typical university curriculum.

  1. Where You Post Matters – Go To Where Your Candidates Hang Out

Try looking beyond the traditional job posting sites such as monster or   Consider posting an open position on digital platforms which serve as informational resources for the type of talent you’re seeking. Some sites to consider include,, – or reach out and connect with a team of experts that have spent over 15 years building a diverse pool of talent made of the best and brightest throughout the greater Chicagoland area- CultureFit  is a full service Technology Staffing and recruitment firm for corporate cultures that value organizational fit, employee satisfaction, and an extremely high level of technical IT skills.